Royal games

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The journey to sustain peace...

Submitted: April 04, 2017

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Submitted: April 04, 2017



Royal games

Scene 1 opens

(A group of elderly statesmen discussing with their king)


Man 1 great King and ruler you promised years of plenty and prosperity and we are so glad and happy to see it come to fruition in this community.

 (King nods his head in agreement and with satisfaction)


King oh yes, it is a testament of the plans and visions of the gods and a shame to our adversaries

 (Men oh nod I agreement)


Man 1, 2, 3 oh yes


King and I believe that in due time there would be more gifts of the gods coming to this community because they saw it fit to place me here many years ago, I am so glad that we get to see the benefits of our labor during this our life time…

(Men agree again)


Man 3 The good and great works the gods have indeed seen it fit to use you to achieve a lot or this community, you are undeniably strong and we have come to celebrate you but your eminence we must also talk about the question of your legacy


King legacy?


Man 3 oh yes great king it is undeniable that you would be remembered in all the lands as a man who brought great peace and prosperity to the lands


King then what is this talk about legacy already? After all I am still alive and would be for a long time or do you wish me dead all of a sudden


Man 3 (laughs) oh no great king I would never wish ill of you rather I bring you great news and great tidings from one of our enemies, it is true that they have all surrendered to you which has never been done in our history of over a hundred years, he seeks to become a close ally and join forces with you..



King hahahahaha.... To be continued

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