Cruelly Cast Adrift

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Submitted: April 04, 2017

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Submitted: April 04, 2017



Cruelly Cast Adrift.


You were out on a hunt, trying to pacify your hunger,

too far from your home when sleep pulled you under.


You’d ventured far out, stepped to the edge of the ice,

when you’re close to starving you don’t think twice.


Food was scarce, fish were few, insufficient to feed you,

so you curled up tight and shut your eyes, conjuring a different view.


The ice it split with a crack, splintered and then set free,

the piece you were on was carried off away out into the sea.


Still you slept, the sleep of the weak, but you woke to a brand new day,

and found yourself on a tiny berg, surrounded by blue and spray.


Up onto your hind legs you pulled yourself, and you let out a sorrowful roar,

for your home is far, way out of sight, you might not get to see it no more.


This piece of ice, it’s way too small for a creature such as you,

no matter how hard, you’ll have to try – it’s something you just must do.


So into the sea you’ll make yourself plunge, weak as you are you will try.

If you don’t make the berg it is all the same for if you stay you will surely die.


Your polar landscape is diminishing now, putting you all to the test --

so swim for your life, I’m cheering you on, wishing you all of the best!

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