An Expensive Development

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A tale from beyond the shadows..

Submitted: April 04, 2017

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Submitted: April 04, 2017



Albert Bannion prided himself in his resilience; he always got what he wanted in the end. When he bought the land from under their feet, the tribal council spent all their resources fighting his development plans. But with his kind of wealth and determination he made a formidable foe. Five years they tied him up in court but in the end money bought justice, they eventually buckled under the financial strain. That combined with the fact that money bought muscle, a little plain old fashioned bully boy tactics made for a persuasive argument.

When they failed in the legal challenge, they took to picketing the site and sit down protests to stop the bull dozers. So Albert resorted to his favourite tool money, some he bribed and the rest were threatened and intimated by his hired thugs. In the end all that remained was that creepy old woman, she would be on site every morning chanting in a weird way. He never could make out what she was saying, whenever he visited the site she would just chant and point at him with a stone faced expression. The morning she was killed by the delivery truck, came as a happy relief.

Well here he was in his majestic new home, the jewel of the crown in this luxury residential development. Those native savages had done absolutely nothing with this land for hundreds of generations, now he had created the most opulent housing development in the entire state. His own home was the biggest and dominated the centre of the development, it gave him a perverse satisfaction his property was bang on top of their sacred burial ground. His swimming pool now stood on the spot the old woman died on. He looked out on the sparkling water of the pool and thought a swim would be the perfect start to the day.

Albert always found swimming laps concentrated his mind; he was considering a major project on a similar site to this in Canada. The water was a perfect temperature and he cut through it with powerful strokes, but the exercise was not helping his thought process this morning. Each time he began to contemplate his new plans his mind drifted back to that creepy old woman. His was just turning at the end of the pool when he caught sight of her, he must be imaging this. The same creepy old woman stood at the end of his pool, pointing and chanting. The last thing he saw before the water turned crimson was her stone faced stare.

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