1. Thinking Out Loud : The Puzzle

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Just thinking ...

Submitted: April 04, 2017

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Submitted: April 04, 2017



This is the first poem in a series titled, “Thinking Out Loud”. The video is below. I sit down and say whatever comes to me. One take, unedited, and pure poetry. 



1.  Thinking Out Loud: The Puzzle


I´m putting these thoughts together

Trying to piece together

The struggle

But it’s a crazy puzzle

I mean

Pieces are here


And everywhere

The diaspora has

Put us

Here there and

Well …

Does anyone care?

Because it’s so hard

To retrace

Where we came from

Who we used to be

Our history

Hidden from us

Then we’re told

This is what you should be


A basketball player

Or a rapper

No other goals

No other options

Keeps you trapped

Nothing to go after


And we wonder:

Why are all these black kids

Killing each other?

Well, what are the options

When you’re taught to

Hate your brother

Not to love one another


And we wonder:

What happened

To this black race?

Was it integration

Should we have remained


Is that the case?


I don’t know.

These are just thoughts

Going through my brain

Without an aim


I’m like an archer

With an arrow

But I’m blindfolded

Like that young black kid

Who’s told that he’s retarded

But really, he’s not.


He’s really

Trapped in a system

Labeled to keep him

Growing in a certain



To work for free

In modern day slavery


That’s what it is, isn’t it?

A prison system

Used only to entrap

Not to teach or rehabilitate

But rather

To keep one group


In one direction

Not to think

Really not to break away

From a cycle of




- K.S. Fort



Video : https://goo.gl/6Z5488


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