Neglected Essentials of the Corporate World

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Neglected Essentials of the Corporate World


The 'Important' may not warrant urgency, but that is what truly matters in the long run.


The phrases which define an organization are the Vision and Mission Statements, which shape up its culture, and set a common direction for the entire organization.

The tact is to follow direction, but the art is to identify, monitor, and control deviations. 

Passing temptations may shift the benchmark every now and then, resulting in subtle deflections which could significantly alter the course of not only the business organizations, but also of communities, and nations in the long run, at times leading to new destinations.

Those gradual shifts leading to change of path may turn out to be good or bad for the business and communities over a period of time.

The corporate strategy emanates from the vision Statement, encompassing elements of the Mission Statement, and provides a concrete framework for the organization. To foster team environment and inculcate shared values, the management outlines certain Core Values to be accepted and practiced by all employees.  

The Core Values are meant to align each and every team member to make them realize that those values are invariably of paramount importance. The values are to be adopted by all in order to develop a collaborative mindset, and to help them pull along together towards achieving the common organizational objectives.

The Core Values must be reflected not only in behavior of employees, but also in their actions, interactions internally as well as externally, and in their decisions.

That is an area demanding regular scrutiny by top management, which generally remains neglected to some, if not to a great extent.

If you ask any Functional Head about his or her most important organizational responsibility, the answer would most likely be ‘to formulate and execute a robust strategy, ensuring that is fully aligned with the corporate strategy.'

Well, that of course is a very important aspect of the business, and perhaps the most obvious one which cannot be overlooked. There are however certain pivotal areas which appear to be not so significant, and are routinely ignored by the middle management. They mostly remain undetected by top management and can significantly impact the overall success of the organization.

For example, a fundamental Core Value, ‘Teamwork, is a dynamic process which basically implies that two or more team members of complementary background, skills, and competencies pursue a common objective. Now, some members of the team may not be directly involved, they may be very senior in terms of position, and may act as sponsors, while rest of the members are actively involved.

Irrespective of their positions in the organizational hierarchy, they form part of the team and must as such be treated equally in order to preserve the essence of the Core Values. Any deviation will compromise the degree of process effectiveness and quality of the final result. Some of the examples are;

  • Separate cafeteria for senior management or separate timings based on seniority. Though access/timings based on facilities constraints is acceptable.
  • Treatment based on permanent and temporary employment status.
  • Separate parking lot for non-permanent team members. The reserved parking spots for senior management or to encourage carpool are accepted norms and do not as such create any distortion.
  • Body language of senior officers when interacting with junior staff, and then an abrupt and clearly visible change when a peer or superior approaches them.
  • Cutting short a discussion to attend a senior member, without obtaining the permission from the audience by saying, ‘excuse me’, coupled with a smile.
  • Checking and responding to e-mails based on the seniority of senders.
  • To cut and paste a message as one’s own without indicating the source, that at times is like taking the credit for someone else's efforts. A query by one team member can however be used as one's own, if the recipient is an outsider.

There could be other instances where apparently minor behavioral changes can play a major role in improving the overall organizational character and performance. While strategy formulation and implementation are focused, and well deliberated activities, realizing, recognizing, accepting, and practising the Core Values is a principal responsibility of each of the team members.

Remember, the top management will not, can not, and should not enforce the Core Values, you have to do it.

All this applies to communities, cities, and countries as well.

Respect your organization from the core of your heart, and prove it by becoming an effective team member!


Submitted: April 04, 2017

© Copyright 2022 Razi Akber. All rights reserved.

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