The Longest Road

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This is the small letter that Journey read when he found Mr. Mortenimel's letters.This is from the book.

Submitted: April 04, 2017

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Submitted: April 04, 2017



So when I had fallen asleep beneath the tree, I vividly remembered a peculiar sight one that was very odd in a sense that it was impossible yet real. Yet since it was a dream, impossible. Oh how confusing is my head so here is what I remember seeing.

Whilst the path of a long road is a small building. Worn and broken. With shambles as walls, and a roof of weeds and snapped twigs, it laid quietly and very eerily as it had one small window which whistled wind throughout the day. No other decorations lined the interior of exterior for none was there to add or care. This at the least was because the hoouse began on a road with no beginning. And for that no one ever entered it because you couldn't even if you tried to enter it. So in a sense, the road couldn't have ended either or people could enter through the backwards side and seen the cottage, adn that being not so, the path had no start or finish. It just serpentined on and on through the meadows mountains, and moors. Thus, this path was a eternal path with no chance of anyone coming about and using it. The house wasn't even a house since no one had it to call home, so therefore, the path wasn't one either because no one was there to trek it. However, that is when I woke up from my dream from beneath the tall Grape Tree that was so odd.

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