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This is a collection of two poems that I currently have finished. More are on the way! ; )

Submitted: April 04, 2017

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Submitted: April 04, 2017





Tomorrow is an empty promise

Broken every day

Tomorrow flashes broken hope,

And sings a siren’s song


Lost souls flock to tomorrow,

Clinging onto childhood dreams

And yet their dreams are thrown aside

Tomorrow after tomorrow after tomorrow


Life escapes their desperate clutches

Leaving them empty,

A rose without a thorn

A heart without a soul


They are walking on a path to nowhere

Yearning for tomorrow

When morning comes they realize

Tomorrow never came


And so they drift along

An empty life spent watching

Walking and watching

For a tomorrow that never came



One day I made a wish

I planted it in memories

And watered it with smiles

The roots were made of silver

The blossoms dappled

With ev'ry hue of joy

And when the wish began to wilt?

I simply plucked the blooms,

And wore them in my hair

When only a single petal remained,

A new shoot grew

For if you truly want them,

Wishes are forever

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