The Nestine Invasion of Gallifrey

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The war doctor in a newfound state of happiness, narrowly escapes the autons.

Submitted: April 04, 2017

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Submitted: April 04, 2017



The Nestine Invasion of Gallifrey


By Ethan D. Pond


Gallifrey in the midst of the last great time-war was a sad and baron planet, on the edge of destruction, one might say. Daleks constantly battered the cities, and time-lords always pushing them back. The Doctor’s depressed state only furthered the doomed status of Gallifrey. If he could blow up Skaro, then Gallifrey might be next. The Doctor ,in worn brown garments, with his grey spike on his head that he calls hair, and the greyest of beards that could ever had been, sat lonely in a barn on the outskirts of Arcadia, the most well protected city on Gallifrey. All the time-lords where herded into that giant city made of glass and gold, which made Gallifrey vulnerable.


At the entrance of Arcadia, stood a distinguished looking time-lord. He had normal garb on, with a blank face and shiny looking skin. He entered without being checked and slowly made his way to the T.A.R.D.I.S. facilities underneath the city. Meanwhile, the Doctor decided to pay the war office a visit.


“Ohh, old girl. I don’t believe we will get out of this war alive, but I think I can talk those barbarians into something a bit more safe than a full on assault”, he said in his old raspy voice as he boarded his ship and materialized in the war office. Stepping out of the box he got looks of disgust, hatred, and fear from everyone in there.


“Now, I do believe that we have detected dalek ships approaching fast lord Rasilon. What do you suggest”, a man starring at the Doctor spoke while looking terrified.


“Rasilon, I’d be happy to take this one, thank you. Well, I believe that it might be time to bring a third party into this war. I have a few ideas of who we should pick, but ugh, the final decision lies with you, Rasilon”, the Doctor spoke smiling to the young, tall, and thin man who was Rasilon. He rubbed his hand over his face and through his brown hair, and grunted just to show that he wasn’t listening to the Doctor.


“The Doctor’s opinions do not matter in this office. I say that we attack Davros head on and have smaller fleets attack from other angles. We can’t wait any longer, or else we may lose this war”, Rasilon’s booming voice echoed as he starred defiantly at the Doctor. The Doctor just smiled and looked to the ground. He even started to chuckle, until the cloister bells went off.


Rasilon put his communicator to his lips and said, “What is the situation!!”


The time-lords spoke worriedly through the communicator as he answered with, “The T.A.R.D.I.S. manufacture line has stopped, and the docking bay has been closed off to all of us. The men working in there have died.”


“Doctor!! You better stop this now, or I will personally take the rest of your regenerations and keep them for myself as I materialize your ship onto a dalek vessel, with you strapped to the console”, Rasilon spoke with anger more fierce than any other.


“Rasilon, this isn’t me. You always assume it is. I just don’t know who this could possibly be this time. Did you keep any prisoners from the last assault?”, the Doctor asked in a frustrated tone.


Rasilon grunted and left the room. The other men and women followed him. The Doctor strode back into his ship and flew it down to the production line. He stepped out and saw that it was abandoned. All the parts had been removed from the conveyer belts.


“So much for a welcome party”, he stated then laughed at his own comment. In times of war, one can’t do much more. He walked further on with a smile on his face until he saw the ends of the conveyer belts. Plastic was covering the edges completely. He sprinted back to his T.A.R.D.I.S. and made his way to the docking bay. Rasilon saw this over a camera and decided to scold him.


“Doctor, if you so much as touch another T.A.R.D.I.S. I will steal yours and grind it to dust.”


“Idle threats, Rasilon. Idle threats. You’d have to get my ship first. I don’t see that happening, as the doors to get in here… are jammed with plastic. Who knew a time-lord could be stopped with plastic. But, all our ship materials are gone. Taken from the assembly line. I think I have a few theories.”


“Ohh, do you Doctor. Inform us will you.”


“Well, the Nestine consciousness has invaded Gallifrey, successfully. They took our parts either to build a T.A.R.D.I.S., or, the more likely of the two, use the same materials, which our ships are made from to make new Autons.”


“Doctor, don’t be ridiculous. The Nestine home world has already been obliterated.”


“Well, they have colonized several other planets, so it is very likely that they have survived”, this knowledge put Rasilon at a silence. The Doctor walked up to the ship with plastic holding the doors together, pulled a lighter out of his pocket, and started to melt the plastic. Little did the Doctor know, the Nestine were watching, as well.


“He is intelligent. He has been identified as the Doctor. We mustn’t let him find the consciousness”, one auton said to another. There was a plastic ball in his hand that a bleep signal would emanate from every few seconds. The auton in garb looked at the ball.


“We still have free will. Have the processes failed?” the auton in time-lord garb spoke as if he led the small group.


“No. They are successful. We have encountered a problem, though. The Doctor is here. He will stop the signal.”


Just then, the door opened. The Doctor stepped in with a frown on his face. The autons froze. The Nestine changed the signals. They no longer had free will. The plain auton, lifted up the console, put the ball in the Eye of Harmony, and then shut the console. The autons fell over. The door in the back of the room opened and several Gallifrey-alloy, the stuff the exterior of a T.A.R.D.I.S. is made out of, Autons marched outside the ship. One grabbed the Doctor as it left. They stood in rows as they awaited another auton to be built by the consciousness. A new auton type, with a flamethrower for a hand stepped out of the ship and started to melt the plastic on the door to the outside.


The Nestine T.A.R.D.I.S. lifted up, and then formed into a small sphere. It hovered above the middle of the small army. It rounded a corner and several soldiers opened fire on them. They marched on. The weapons did nothing against them. The autons opened their hands and fired on the time-lord soldiers. They killed every one of them. One or two started to regenerate, but were quickly stopped by the slow flamethrower auton dragging behind to kill what the others missed. The Doctor struggled through the whole march to get lose, but the bastard molded his arm around the Doctor’s.


The voice channel to all of Gallifrey turned on and said, “Attention, all time-lords are to evacuate the city. Rasilon may be the only one unquestioned. All time-lords are to leave the city. The Gallifreyan slave troops are being sent down to deal with the situation.”


The Doctor knew that they were just a stalling tactic. He moved behind the auton holding him, and listened as the innocent men died. As they passed the corpses, the Doctor picked up a gun. Because he was in the back row, the autons didn’t see him. The autons eventually made it to Rasilon’s room. They melted it down and entered.


“I am Rasilon. I lead the time-lords,” Rasilon spoke in a fearful tone, “I shall tend to your requests now. What do you want?”


An auton pulled up his hand, opened it, and said, “Gallifrey.” He shot Rasilon. He fell with a thud and regenerated. He got back up and was shot again.


He went through eight faces before he could say, “Enough. I am the immortal time-lord. You cannot kill me, especially not with those pitiful weapons.”


Rasilon had black hair, a long face, and piercing eyes. This Rasilon could drag the master back into the time-war if need be. He was rugged.


The auton put his hand away. Then, the city shook. Daleks were attempting to invade Arcadia.


“There is your real target if you want Gallifrey. We are sure to lose this war. If you help us win, though, we will surrender ourselves to you”, the Doctor said to their capture. The Nestine T.A.R.D.I.S. moved to empty space, and returned to normal. The doors opened and several dalek look-alikes swarmed out. A few more came out soon after, and then in swarms, until there was a constant stream of auton-daleks forcing their way to the invasion fleet. All the ships blew up and the autons returned. When they got back, the Doctor was gone.


The Doctor was jogging to the T.A.R.D.I.S. docking bay and made it just in time for the whole Nestine army to get there and surround him. He flipped on the scanner and picked up the microphone.


“May I take conference with the Nestine Consciousness? “, he asked in a weak and old sort of way. Then the Nestine T.A.R.D.I.S. locked on around the Doctor’s. He fled his ship just to find himself in the Nestine’s model.


“This couldn’t be done with plastic, the invasion, I mean. This really does require a more flexible material.”


“Flattery shall get you nowhere, Doctor. You will perish, but who am I to deny a dying man’s wish. I’m not heartless, though I may be cruel”, the Nestine’s booming, threatening voice echoed in the corridors of the auton factory T.A.R.D.I.S.


“Yes, well, I’ve come to negotiate.”


“You didn’t negotiate the past two times, so why should we?”


“Because, you can help us win this war. We time-lords have been weakened over the years. We are not who we used to be. I beg for help with promise of a new world, and complete and total interference privilege.”


“This sounds like a deal, but with a singular problem.”


“What would that be?”


“You. We still have a need for plastic, you see. Easier to replicate skin.”


The doors opened and the army poured in. The Doctor ran to his T.A.R.D.I.S. and just barely made it in and locked the doors. The Doctor’s scanner had been left on and he witnessed a plastic auton that looked exactly like him. The Doctor laid his head in his hands and sobbed in defeat. Suddenly, the doors opened and Rasilon strode in, all the upper class time-lords tailing him.


“Nestine”, he boomed, “I warn you to leave this planet at once, or else the fate of the Fhendal will be shared, not only with the war-lords, but also with you. I brought the weapon with me, so you personally see your last moments.”


“You have finished us Rasilon, but Davros approaches, fast. Keep us alive, or die Rasilon”, the Nestine warned Rasilon, but to no avail. Rasilon twisted the handles on the side of the box that was this weapon, and that’s when all the autons suddenly dropped and shriveled up. The Nestine T.A.R.D.I.S. shut down, and the small round object sending out the signal flew out of the eye of harmony, and stopped its signal. Before the small orb could be destroyed, though, the Doctor put a force-field around it with his T.A.R.D.I.S. The time-lords left the room.


The Doctor stepped out of his ship and retrieved the spherical conscious thing. He smiled, saving another creature from genocide felt amazing to him, even though, the Nestine just attempted some dodgy things.


“Doctor, once more”, the Doctor elatedly exclaimed. He dropped the Nestine off on an uninhabited planet, and left. 

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