The day a stranger offered Sydney and Kaylee a lift

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A man offers two little girls a lift, but they refuse and he gets nasty, requiring police intervention

Submitted: April 04, 2017

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Submitted: April 04, 2017




One day, as Sydney and Kaylee were walking home from school, carrying a lot of books, a man in a beige car pulled up and said “Hi, Sydney and Kaylee. Looks like you’ve got a whole lot of horrible homework to carry home and it looks frightfully heavy and hard to manage, so hop in and I’ll take you home.” Sydney and Kaylee reckoned he looked like a very nice man, and he knew their names but they both knew what their parents said about strangers, so they both said “No, we’re right, sir.”, The man started to get verbally aggressive and grabbed Kaylee and she kicked and screamed and tried to bite and Sydney grabbed hold of her sister and started screaming “Help, HELP! Stranger, STRANGER!” A police officer heard the word “Stranger” being screamed and went to investigate and saw a man trying to make off with a little girl and said “Right, sir, I’m arresting you on suspicion of attempting to abduct a child.”, and took the man away. He then reassured a rather shaky Kaylee, telling her that she was now safe and told Sydney that she’d done exactly the right thing and Sydney and Kaylee both went home and told their parents about it, and she said “You both did exactly the right thing; I am very proud of you both.”, and got them both a chocolate milkshake and a chocolate-chip cookie. That night, there was an article on the news about the man who had offered them a lift and it turned out that he had offered two other young girls (one eight and the other ten-and-a-half) a lift which they had accepted, but he’d taken them away to a deserted street and molested them and had been charged with the molestations and had received twenty years for each one, and five years for the attempted abduction and there was no chance of getting parole, so he wouldn’t be able to bother any other little girls for a long, long time and the whole family was pleased and relieved.


(By Shelley Goodman. Written on the 25th of July 2016)

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