Listen To The Heart

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Having the ability to "listen" to a person's heart and know what they want is both a blessing and a curse. It can challenge a person's character.

Submitted: April 04, 2017

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Submitted: April 04, 2017



Kayla Lawrence has always had the ability to "listen" to a person's heart to know what they truly desired in their life. Kayla learned early on that the age of six that she could use her ability for good, because around that time the only hearts she was listening to were friends from school, teachers and her parents. At that age Kayla hear the pure feelings of people around her, for example Kayla 's parents wanted her to just behave and do good in school so that she can pass on to the next grade. Friends at school just wanted to learn they found the joy in gaining knowledge, and being able to see their friends again. For Kayla just listening to a teachers heart was always intresting, because what they mostly wanted was for the kids to behave, and do their work although Kayla would have to say her class was the best in Kindergarten, because hearing how the teacher wanted a better class than last year helped Kayla have a leadership role in her class, and being that age the kids were they didn't mind. Kayla left primary school being the most popular girl in her class and being notably recived as a wonderful student to have by her teachers, along with the praise came her parents who were completly proud of her even though they told her Kayla felt the words more in their hearts.

When Kayla got into elementry school it was a little diffrent, don't get her wrong Kayla knew that school life and work were going to be diffrent it was her class and the teachers that had changed. Throughout second and fifth grade Kayla's class had gone from respecting her to wondering why she always had to suck up to the teachers all the time, Kayla didn't have to listen to their hearts she saw it in their facial experessions. When it came to the teachers it was always the question of why, why couldn't a student get this right, why didn't they turn in their homework or why were these young brats so disprecpectful Kayla tried to be on their goodside sometimes it worked. At home Kayla's parents were worried about her, she always came home with a sad expression on her face when asked what was wrong Kayla would say it was a long day or she was given to much homework, thankfully they belived it. At the end of her fifth grade year Kayla left elementry school feeling conflicted, and with very little friends she didn't hang around with them because they either thought Kayla was trying to be better then them or trying to prove that she was smater than them.

When it came time to go to Junior High Kayla was unsure of herself to the point that she asked her parents if she could be homeschooled, when asked why Kayla said she didn't like public school anymore, when Kayla had said that she listened to her parents hearts and the thought of therapy came up so Kayla dropped the subject. When Kayla finally got into Junior High it was as challenging as last time, but this time the people she listened to were more direct in what they wanted where as in elementray the language was sugar coated now it was colorful and to be heard as an order. The teachers were challenging they expected students to get the material because they were going to get the rest of it in high school, so pay attention and don't talk to others, but considering this was Junior High people were easily distracted. The group of pre-teens around Kayla were hard for her to ignore being the age that they were they had so much going on, for Kayla it was a suprise for her that the people she grew up with wanted a relationship with this person or that, but for Kayla it was hard not to notice how dark their desires were becoming. At home it was getting hard for Kayla not to hide her distress from her parents, simply coming home was something Kayla struggled with listening to so many hearts with different desires, to listening to two people who wanted the one desire Kayla wasn't sure she could give them a smile again.

When the summer before high school began Kayla stayed home most of the time, although her parents wanted her to go out they were happy to Kayla be herself again, for Kayla listening to two heart that cared so much about her is what made it right. The weekend before school started had made Kayla nervous, with no friends and certanitly being the odd one out Kayla knew for certain that this year was going to be hard. When it was time for school Kayla wished for a way to shut herself out of everyone's heart, espically the teachers they seemed so ready to attack the students no matter what they did some had desires to hit students. Speaking of the students Kayla was completly suprisedby the desires of the student body, or more accuratly lusts even hatred espcially for her, this is what Kayla got the most from high school she was a freak and they wanted for her to disappear. Coming home was so much harder for Kayla, but lying to her parents was easy all it took was a phone call and for her to say she was at the library studying and they believed her, often Kayla would wait five hours to get her emotions in check before she went home.

During the next three years of high school things got worse for Kayla, sure she was doing great in her classes but it was listening to the people around her and what they wanted that getting to her. Hearing people that she went to pre-school with say things that Kayla was a freak and always has been, but also the world would be better without her was sad, even more was when they said it verbally. Home life was a struggle emotionally Kayla knew her parents cared and wanted the best for her, but listening to their hearts seemed to hard for her now because Kayla wasn't sure what they truly wanted. Kayla wasn't sure how, but she got through senior year and was only a week from graduation but by then it had become to much for her the desires the words had become to much Kayla, to the point where she wasn't sure if she could make it through college Kayla realised she didn't want to listen anymore. One day Kayla had gotten to the roof of the second story school, although it was the middle of the afternoon the only thing that came to Kayla's mind as her body hit the ground was how quite it had become.

Kaylas's body had been found by a janitor out to clean the school yard, and although no one had seen Kayla jump there were rumors that she was pushed or someone was tired of the school freak. The police along with Kayla's parents were trying to find clues as to why Kayla would end her life, while the police started questioning the school Kayla's parents went to her room, and after a while of seaching came across a letter on her pillow with the only words written on it were" It hurt to listen. 

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