To the one who got away

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Have you ever been left? and you can't do anything about it for it is inevitable.

Submitted: April 04, 2017

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Submitted: April 04, 2017



Look at me, I'm down on my knees, can't you hear me? I'm begging. Can't you feel it? I'm hurting, I'm dying inside. I did everything that I can do, I believe you, yes you, the mighty one but I guess everything comes to an end and I can't do anything but to accept it. The ugly truth, the truth that shatters me.

Every night I cry myself to sleep, thinking about the pain and the struggles of our family... It was hard... stressing... and tiring and of course we all know that. no words can explain how painful it is, watching him die, while me, just sitting next to him trying to memorize every detail of his face and tries to cheer him up because I know that maybe on the next few seconds of my life, I would not be able to see him and talk to him either. It wasn't easy I promise, I remember the time when we're at the I.C.U or the Intensive Care Unit, it was my schedule to take good care of him, I was shaking because the machines made it more scary. I went straight to him and held his cold hands, he saw me and cried, right in that moment, you'll feel that he was asking for your help, he was in pain, and.. and.. dying. I was out of my reverie and the doctor called me and say, "be ready of anything that will happen" right in that moment, I hated the doctor, if he only how hard it is to lose someone you love, but instead of giving him a sad face in reply to his statement, I just flashed a simple smile and I went straight to my grandpa, I hugged him, RIGHT IN THAT MOMENT, it was one of the hardest thing that I did in my entire life... pretending to be strong and not a fragile one even though I don't have any idea how to. Sometimes I look up and ask God, God, Why does every moment have to be so hard? When will be the end? What's next? I wish we could conquer it. I saw him fighting the pain. BUt it must have been really painful that he didn't survive. I could not ebar it, not a moment after hearing that he passed away, Icould feel my tears rolldown my cheeks. It was tough the he won't get to see me achieve my goals, it was tough knowing that there would no grandpa any more, nobody would reinvent the part to fix the broken home, he restored the heart, nobody won't say if you're scared just pray, nobody would give us bubble gums as a christmas gift. If he was alive today, he will handle anything, he will build you a town if the world fell down, or probably, he may laugh at me or he may have a lot to say, he might ask that I keep working for the family, to keep the bills all paid. In that particular event of my life, there's one thing that I realized, if everything's easy and not hard, you're not growing up. It was part of our life to suffer sometimes, for us to become a worthy one. To my Grandpa, I would like to thank you, for raising me well, showing how big God is rather than our problems, showing how wonderful life is and dressing us up with great knowledge about life. I guess everything's going to be okay soon. I love you Good Bye.


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