The branches of flowers

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it is a social and motive book to all eople

Submitted: April 05, 2017

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Submitted: April 05, 2017



The branches of flowers




















































Always should know that If you want to have infinite happiness, infinite bliss, then minimize your desires, from more and more to less and less and finally to zero. Make peace with yourself. Happiness is a gift of god for them that forget all streets in the world without worth



































Good tidings of reaching a conclusion

There is no path in the world, which does not have any end, and there is no pain in the world without any remedy, there is no door that cannot be opened, and there is no creature without any creator.










The value of science

The one who acknowledges the value of science and its advantages, considers science a precious treasure, the one who does not profited by science, considers it as the cause of pain and loss.





























Do not let your life lapses with adversity and in life do not let yourself to serve anyone, the value of human does not based on his wealth, the wealth of human to become respectful.














Plant a shrub in dry soil with love and irrigate it so after a while it provides shadow for passersby, never be arrogant, barren your heart from spite, arrogance, and futile desires.

















Autumn season

Autumn season brought with itself a myriad of colors. Gray, pink, blue, and yellow colors; Nightingale sang a sorrowful song, turned to the orchard he said:

O orchard and O viola the chill season has come.
















Eternal advice

Never occupy your heart with rancor, and never distance yourself from kindness, hope and love, this world is a worthless place and is not eternal, don’t promise yourself to stay in the world forever.


















O my friend tell me what did you get from sorrow, O may friend tell me what is the philosophy Of  being human, and understand from the purpose of coming to the world, growing up and living that what are your duties and do not waste your life.












Remedial advices

As the rose garden does not become a delightful place without the presence and endeavor of flowers, people cannot do anything to me as long as I do not permit; O my friend human never can achieve happiness and attain it without love and hope and endeavor and acquiring knowledge and utilizing it.






















Worthless world

how long should we suffer the sorrow of worthless world and how long should our hearts be the abode of pains, for how long should we sorrowed and disappointed and distressed by unremitting seditions of people.















Rise and perfectly precept the freshness of youthfulness, because youthfulness is like a valuable gift, precept it perfectly, be hopeful of the days ahead, perfectly precept liveliness and merriment of youthfulness.
























Before the time lapses and there is no way to return, quickly attend your important and life duties, no one knows what will happen in the future or what else will change.















The way of thinking,

Some people regret their entire life in vein, some people some people realized the opportunities during their whole life and take advantage of them, some people just observed problems and became surrounded, but some people become motivated and succeed.






















Jewelries of life

Never forget your father and never yell on your mother when she is speaking and advising you, and in this precious life do not even listen for one second the words which lead you to oppression and tyranny.
















The first day

No one is born experienced and with mastery, and no one is given the same degree of artistic virtue, and everybody attain desirable result through attempt and effort; without attempt and exercise no one can become free from subjective attachments.



















Our drawback

Our problem is that we always blame people for their faults and consider ourselves impeccable; do we ever introspect and solve the problem, we are only complaining of people and we think that they are the cause of problems.
















I do not listen to the annoying and inappropriate sounds, and I do not lose the beautiful moments of my life, which include today and tomorrow; I will stay hopeful to the time that my life remains and I am happy and I will not exchange my happiness for the world.




















The response of action

The hardship of the world strikes all of the people with problems, and no matter how you build your life from the beginning of life, you will reach that place; O you who do not have a specified schedule, beware, otherwise, you will be involved with a lot of problems in which you cannot find any way to turn back .













Happiness of children

When children are playing with each others, they are advising us perfectly, in their play hopefulness, happiness and smile on the lips can be seen; children teach us that sorrows are ephemeral, and we should forget them, we have to precept every moments of life and be delighted by them.


























Right and wrong

there are always a lot of differences between seeing and not seeing, and the truth can be realized clearly; do not simply trust the sayings of people, even though your friend becomes annoyed by this behavior of you, and give up on your friendship.













The one who has not policy in his duties, and moves on without schedule and policy, if stricken by problem, he is the one who is in charge.

The one who evades from consultation soon will become regretful, and he will be in problem.























Honorable life

How long we have to live with regret, and how long we have to bear the favor of people for a mouthful of bread; if serving coward people is on coercion so I prefer death to humiliating life.

















Never think that all of the people are plain, and do not do anything with you

When a lion lean in a place and is looking at you, each moment with serene reflection, remaining, roaring and attacking toward you is fighting against you.






















The value of life

why the precious life should be elapsed in futile, and why the life should be elapsed in doubt and anxiety, if at nights man become free from the hardships of life and working, at day he should not quit effort and attempt and he has not to be without schedule.













O my dear friend tell me what do you think about yourself, and what do you think about love, hope, world and fate; better life in future and reaching to goals would not be possible unless you a make change in yourself .






















Be not sorrowful

Not only problems will be solved by grieving but it makes you increasingly depressed day after day and you cannot focus on your thoughts; instead of grieving, think about solving the problems so people and society cannot hinder you in solving the problem.















anyone who has not acquired any knowledge in his entire life and has passed away without any purpose, if he becomes alive once again he will definitely tell us that lifetime is like waking time and it should be utilized perfectly, because when the angel of death comes to you will be asleep for a long time.

















Like us

In the world there is no one without problem, and there is nobody which has mastery in all of the subject matters, in fact there is no one who is always living without problem and pain and sorrow.
















In this life unless we have to listen to the sayings of people or we have to separate our ways from them; the best of all is that man may act with reason and tact and every time that he faces a problem he has to meet experienced individuals.






















perfectly percept your precious life so it will not elapsed in futile, and do not let that due to a mistake you become an example of the others; always be kind to the people of the world, but excessively do not favor to anyone.














The logic of the world

The planet earth never has turned with any reason and there is not any moment that moon dose not shone on time in the world there is no one who can claim that he has seen something against logic and without any cause.




























As long as you are focused on your affair, always and without doubt you will be successful and as long as your affairs are based on logic and weighed there will always be good future ahead for you.













This wind that blows during the year from the south toward the direction of north and vice versa is in motion; this wind actually embodies the position of human kind, so be not proud of your position because mistakes and inapt arrogance can change your position at each moment .
























The time of life

shortening the lifetime of people is never possible, also we cannot lengthening the lifetime of people by will, the life of people is in the Hands of God and He has not allowed anyone to do so, even the angel of death.














The kindness of God

The God has not any fear of His generousness and free-heartedness because He is the Ruler of the entire world; God will not grant the one who is always ungrateful, because ungrateful man has not more capacity.
















The result of grieving

I did not get a good result from grieving and my heart became darker with the darkness of grieves; no one of my problems solved by grieving, and my heart did not achieve exhilaration from sadness.













The secret of life

I saw a fawn, which has became captive, the fawn was tired and remained motionless compulsorily, as I wanted to release it from the claws of the lion, I realized and I reflected with myself that this is the secret of living because the hungry lion also needs food.






















It does not matter whomever you are breaking up with, do not break up with your lover, never break up with the one who really loves you; if someday you reach to a good position, recall that do not remember your origin, city and your people.














This is the thought of you and mine which changes the world around us and also this is the thought of you and mine which is the cause of death and life, all of the victories and anxieties of life revealed via the reflections of you and mine.






















There always has been existed sorrows and hardships and they are always will be and there always has been a battle between good and evil and there is always will be; perfectly precept my words, because all of the prides of great individuals are obtained due to not to surrounded by hardships.














To be or not to be

whether we are or not to be, this world will be, and the market of the world in which there are a lot of losses and benefits, and it is always open and always will be open; one day this world will turn to us and we will be the one who have chance and the other day this world will bestow chance to the other person.















If the animosity didn’t remain in our heart because the animosity caused several growing pains. If it was removed from the heart, if the thought of people’s deceive, lying and injustice will be removed from all the human’s world.










Shouldn’t be capitulate by the problems and eliminate all of them. Thereby, must be conflicted by inexperience, fear and sorrows. If you want to gain a pretty stage in your own life, you should be more trained by experienced and consultant person.











New life

One night hailed extremely from the sky and caused to fall the one of the fresh and smooth branch of a tree. That branch said by its hidden tongue I will be verdure and refreshed again.









Return opportunity

Before the pain and trouble came to you, if you irritate someone go and soothe him. Never be proud for the power and whatever you have because no one with all his occasions couldn’t rescue from the death angel.













You’d be like a passenger in the world. Hence, like a passerby realize the lifetime and its excellent moment. Try to be curious and accurate because if you don’t understand the life mysteries, the life will not be meaningful for you.









Flourish of season

One day this cub will be a lion and will be a brave admiral for himself. This deer are being grown today and are glorying it wouldn’t last a long time whereas he will be a hunt and plaything by this cub.













Try to be happy and eliminate sorrow from yourself and take mentality to yourself. The lover Drawer!!!!!Give to the sad people the esprit wine. Never deprive your heart from the happiness you don’t sign any agreement and promises with the sorrow.









Someone stay at the stable location and expect to developing and also without and diligence want to achieve most thing, he has unfounded and frustrated idea in his mind because it doesn’t possible to gain everything and developing by any knowledge and diligence.












Be happy like Nature

My friend doesn’t miss fresh environment and current water. Always be happy and take your time between the greenery and moor. Don’t allow polluted weather tease your spirit. Spend your valuable life to be enjoying and happiness.









Whatever is better from the good and interesting air and also whatever is better from the smoothness of the mistress lips. Whatever is excellent that you are always be happy and my friend whatever is better from the vivacity?












The sorrows will not be permanently and by your blast and expiration all the unhappiness things will be removed. Whenever you want to do something and a problem was taken place wouldn’t be sad and peeved because it had a wisdom.









Don’t allow yourself that your heart is full of inopportune animosity and unhappiness, don’t allow yourself that your heart is full mine of past pains, don’t allow yourself that world’s idle sorrow gather in your heart and make a trouble.














There isn’t any way without finishing and no pain in the world without cure. World’s moment are not always with severity; because severities are being finished one day and it’s the turn of convenience.









Don’t let anyone in your life to lead you to the activities. Don’t let anything else yourself, enforce you to be happy. Only rely on yourself and do your responsibilities by yourself, because the only one can help person in doing their activities is himself.













Adult human

Adult human hasn’t small thoughts in his mind and doesn’t have null thoughts like Childs. Be as an eagle with grandeur and appeal. Look at the subaltern world from the high points. Hence, people don’t consider you as a person that wouldn’t defense himself.









Non-awareness judgment

As you can see cruelty in the universe, don’t judge fast without non-awareness. Firstly don’t consume someone as a cruel person and somebody show innocent who the main blameful is.













Excellent future

Sometimes, I am very sorry about my past and often I think unvalued for my worthy past. Even though, I think about future, I am happy and lighthearted as a current flood again.










Being on equilibrium line

Don’t habituate yourself to tempting other slowly and don’t let anyone to abuse you. Don’t go straight away from life trouble and don’t be proud for greetings and chances.















Don’t allow your good life become in trouble and sorrow. Don’t allow the sorrow and unhappiness surround yourself. Be happy and take your life more happily. So, your spirit is same as a current water.










Neither all the world’s people are non-politician and non-experienced, nor all of them are experienced and programmable. No one knows these Childs are turned to each individual or what they do in the future.











I really know what happiness part in the delightful is and also how esprit and freedom are be good. I really know when a person be in an unknown desert, achieving the water springs and lightness of one area at night will be so delightful.









Hey someone you don’t know why you born and don’t know where are you from. Research accurately today which you have a good chance to know what your purpose of your life is.















A heart full of animosity

Within my period of life, experienced more pain and I abandon from worthy person in the world. During my life, never scared from heart that is full of animosity.









No one has not taken anything from the world by himself. Adult person doesn’t get himself in the world and has not got. My life is very short and never valuable that you damage an ant.












Looking to the future

However, the days are passed, anything else pain and sorrow is for you and you don’t be any longer happy of that. Forget all the worth things in your mind related to the past, because today and future is the good chance for happiness and remedial.









Good action

Don’t tell ever you have many fortune and don’t glory to the poor people. Help to the poor people. Don’t let people’s heart are being broken for their poverty.














Doings consequences

My friend, if you are cruelty to someone in any way, don’t be rescue from its penalty. My friend, listen to my advice; whatever you behave with people they act with you.







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