mystery of the box

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Mystery of the box

Submitted: April 05, 2017

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Submitted: April 05, 2017



Once there was a girl who lived in a village who had a box. She had the box safe and sound because she thought it was useful.

 Once she got lost in a jungle. The girl always had her box with her. It was cold in the jungle as it was near the mountains.

 She putted her face in the box so she does not fell cold. It was warm in the box, but she was still feeling cold. She starting shivering, suddenly the box sucked her in it. Then the girl saw a beautiful green land with blooming of flowers and lot of nice people and her. They adopted her until she grew up and after she grew up she got married and had children.

 Her children were very playful and were playing in a park. As they are small and they didn’t know about quick sand. They ran into quick sand as they thought it was water.

They drowned and found themselves out of the box. they didn’t know where they were and kept walking. They found people and asked them to check the box.

One by one the box sucked them and they reached in the in that land. Her mother didn’t know about that and thought her children were playing. The people started building factories, apartment and houses in that world.

 Her mother noticed that the people found the way to the world. The mother did not know what to do.

 She got flashbacks about how did she come here. She didn’t know where the box was and started crying. Magically something flew from the sky and came to her.

It was a piece of paper with something written. It was written the way to her world. She was frightened , an looked over the sky from where the paper came. She was jumping in joy because everyone could go home. Everyone came back to their village and lived happily ever after.

The end



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