Camping Rain

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Submitted: April 05, 2017

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Submitted: April 05, 2017



We could see the water droplets slowly dripping from the ripped small hole of the tarp that was surrounding us. The tent was stuffy but cold air would sometimes pass through, giving us a chill. As the number of droplets dripping increased and the deafening sound of the thunder got stronger, the air got colder and soon enough the dripping became a steady flow. As the water slowly invaded our tent, the rattling noise of a bucket awoke me from my dozing. The water was being scooped out by one of my peers, I assumed without wanting to open my eyes. The soothing sound of the rain hitting the tent made me tired but somehow, I refused to sleep. I suppose that all of the other noises some of which I didn’t feel comfortable with made me feel a slight of unease.

All of a sudden, a buzzing noise I thought was near, forced my eyes open and a cold feeling rushed through my body head to toe. I guess that that is where my phobia of bees kicked in. I tried looking around but even though I was in total darkness, I could tell nobody was awake. I disturbed my friend slowly to awake her, and when she did, I explained to her my concern. Not opening her eyes she told me not to worry and to relax. I lay down and decided to focus on the noises to make me fall asleep.

The drops hitting the tarp constantly and the loud chirps of the crickets filled the silent atmosphere of the tent. The loud breathing of my peers beside me reassured me as I am not a person of the outside. Eventually the rain calmed down but it didn’t stop the water stored on the “roof” to drip inside our tent. I realized after a while that my arm was actually wet. Very small droplets, too small to notice were hitting my arm. I got up again and touched the end of my sleeping bag. Wet. I look for my bag with all of my belongings and used it as a cushion to avoid it from getting soaked.

Moving was difficult, but it was inevitable as my back was paining from the uncomfortable floor. The challenge was to try to change your position without waking the ones sleeping next to you; we were all squished so I considered it impossible. My sever sun burns were paining as well so I would try to sleep on my stomach instead of my back. After a while the silence filled the tent again which forced me to gradually fall asleep.

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Camping Rain

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