The Horror Mystery

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a short story on how the young detective finds the mystery of the old rustic palace...

Submitted: April 05, 2017

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Submitted: April 05, 2017



I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was as if, a giant marshmallow had exploded, even the air smelt sweet. What could have happened? I had to found out….

I found out that the lightening struck the old, gigantic palace by the river, causing the wolves in the nearby jungle to make noises. It never stopped raining for days, the days were dark and cold and the most important one- they were scary!!! There was no difference between day and night! You could just feel the nights; the long and scary nights.



Weird noises came from the palace eternally, in eager a young one went to the palace and was nevermore found. After this incident, the town went deserted.

The palace was a mystery, an unknown mystery! I had to find out what was going on in the town.



Rumors spread vigourously  that the palace was haunted! It’s a long story-

“A few years ago, a group of friends came to this town at that time this town was a nice historical place.



This was a group of five friends- Ben, Taylor, Steve, Chloe and Garvie.They called themselves fantastic five. Ben and Taylor were best friends. Taylor was a rich spoilt brat who was very popular in their school. He was loved by all his friends as long as he had money. He belonged from the family of rulers and they had many palaces around the country. So they decided to go to one of the most beautiful palace that he had. It was humungous and beautiful. This was the main palace of that time and had many secret chambers unknown which was unknown to many of the people.



The friends got some school assignments, where they had to research about the history of the place assigned to them. They decided to stay in Taylor’s house (he owes a palace). They enjoyed themselves, partied there, until they faced a dark time…. Taylor was DEAD.



All this happened the previous night- all of them were high when Ben stabbed Taylor, not realizing what he did… Next morning they all got the biggest shock of their life- Taylor was dead. Ben kept on explaining them that he did nothing yet no one believed him. They all thought that it was Ben who killed Taylor, because ben and Taylor had grudges in the past. Ben got frustrated case no one listening to him and then he threatens all of them that he would kill them too if they didn’t listen to him. They agreed and kept mum and they also helped him bury Taylor’s body in the palace.”

From that time the palace was meant to be horror…



I didn’t believe these rubbish talks of the urbanites. I was sure there was something really big happening in the town.  I had to find out what that was.


I slowly started sneaking into palace, looking for clues and researched for why exactly the palace was called haunted. I found out many things but nothing exactly lead to what I was searching for.But after gathering all the clues I found out something that was never expected.I found out there was nothing such as ghost there; it was the other members of fantastic five. They had been smuggling drugs. As soon as I got this information, I went to the cops and got them caught.They rotted in the jail for rest of their lives.



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