A World Without Boundaries

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Can we imagine a world without boundaries? Almost not.But we have to. A world where there is no limits. A world where there is no hatred,only love, affection and respect. A world that will move us closer to nature.Where there everything is for everyone. The whole world is our, and we are for the whole world.

I don't want boundaries amongst the countries. I don't like it. Few ridges drown on mother earth, which divide hearts, create hatred among the people, relationship violet and sometimes raise conflicts too. How can a person like it ? I don't.


I know its a rare concept. But we have to do it. We have to live it. We have to make it real. Everyone who wants to be happy should try to get together and to love one another. It makes us spiritually strong and creates peace to our mind. Usually, I don' t understand the logic of fighting with one another because of  some lines which had drowned on a peace of paper. "A worthless peace of paper."  I want to meet the people of the whole world. I want to be a friend of them. I want to sing a carol at Christmas eve with them. And with children, I want to break the glass of a window by hitting a cricket ball. I want to swim like a fish, fly like a bird and to blow like a fresh air. I want to bloom like a flower in a summer morn. Don't you want ?


I know most of people will not agree to my thoughts,And it needs to be. But I want to ask," Isn't it discrimination?"Whatever we get from the nature is a gift for all us. For each organism. Rivers, mountains and  woods are for everyone.  Then, how can we human beings decide what we should do and what others? We, the people of the whole world, want peace to our life but choose wars. We choose isolation. We choose dead bodies of  soldiers, orphans and widows in wars, We choose the boundaries instead of horizon. Tears in exchange of happiness and hate rather than love. Yes, we choose. We choose the world of lies, market of hatred. Why cannot we love one another? Why cannot we go with one another? Why? And if not now? When? Not we? Who?


Think, if there is no boundaries, there are no countries, no cities. No partition and no discrimination. Only one earth.Our earth. Where everything is your, everything is our.A world without boundaries. A world where there is no borders  and there is no war on it. A world for children . A world for grown ups. A world for young and olds. A world for love and affection. A  world which creates a different relationship between nature and us. A world for Earthians, not for others. Not for haters. Not for those who creates differences.


So, why do not we erase these lines? And erase all our malice. We all. We, the people of the whole world. Drag a new line until the bottom of the sea from the top of the mountains. Just a line. Just a single boundary line. And bind the people around the world with such thread of love that no one break it. We have to make a world for everyone and everyone is for the whole world.




Submitted: May 04, 2017

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Sean Terrence Best

Your endearing heartfelt sentiments are poetically beautiful, Aabis! It is true what you say that we would all benefit from a world without boundaries, a world where everyone is a friend to everyone else. Nature does offer an infinity of ecstasy to all of us. I very much like how you illustrate the wondrous nourishing bounty of fabulous nature. Your writing exudes an inner calm, a quiet place where we can be inspired to discover creative solutions to the challenges of life and the evolving events around us which can be so easily managed in a world without borders where people turn to nature and each other for answers, health, and long happy life. As you so rightly describe, people can help each other make their dreams of happiness come true by showing one another understanding, kindness, and affection. You have composed an enlightening and elegantly motivational essay, Aabis! Your charming style of insightful writing offers an open door to liberation of the human spirit!

Sun, March 4th, 2018 2:21pm

Veronica Iezzi

I agree with you Aabis!!

Mon, March 5th, 2018 9:25pm


Thanks Veronica....

Mon, March 5th, 2018 7:01pm

Shmuel Wyckoff

The world which you illustrate is a utopia that is surely unattainable. Your essay is beautifully written, but it is unpractical because of the fact that there are many cultures in this world, all with different goals for themselves and humanity, and often come into conflict with each other. When overwhelming majorities of people in most Muslim countries believe in the implementation of sharia law, I don't see how peace with such a culture is practical. There are many cultures which believe in heavy-handed government action and don't believe in private property rights, while in America we believe in freedom. In the state of the world right now, borders are necessary because they separate countries who would not be compatible with each other. Again, your essay is beautifully written, but I think the world you speak of is immpractical

Sun, March 11th, 2018 3:15am


Yes dear it is surely impractical. But what I think is that the Boundaries should be symbolic only. Its not in our mind or heart. Thanks again dear.

Sun, March 11th, 2018 7:57am

moa rider

Well Aabis, I haven't enjoyed some of the borders that I've crossed, but there's too much against the utopia you long for. Fore a start there is distrust among races. Within races there is tribalism and distrust among the tribes. Sects within religions don't agree and of course some religions mistrust to the point of hate. Cultures differ dramatically so immigrants upset locals simply by the way they live. Basically the rich don't want the poor in their backyard. Is change needed? Sure. But nobody can force change, it evolves over time because on of the certainties is there will always be change. In your second paragraph, you meant - a line drawn on a piece of paper. Usianguke

Tue, March 13th, 2018 7:16pm


Aabis whatever you wrote, your thought, your opinion, It's touching. I don't want to talk about the facts. I don't want to talk about whether it's possible or not to have a boundaryless world. I think there are many people who can talk about those.
But the desire you have, the pure wish that you expressed through your writing I think it's amazing. Keep up your good writing.

Sun, January 27th, 2019 2:59pm



Sun, January 27th, 2019 8:01am

Tylor Sirius

That will be an amazing world????
And I wanted to live in the world without boundaries

Sat, December 25th, 2021 7:32am


But before that we all have to build such a world together......Thank you

Sat, December 25th, 2021 12:47am

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