Skylore's Tear

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This is the story version of a poem I wrote called "Evermore Green". It tells more about the young man and where he came from, how he came by the Sphere, and what prompted him to travel such a great distance for love and glory.

Submitted: April 05, 2017

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Submitted: April 05, 2017



Long ago and on the far-off planet of Shyear there was a young man named Leon. Leon's parents owned and operated a traveling carnival, going from towns, to villages, and to hamlets in the land of Tran. They would put-on shows and sell magical and medicinal potions of all sorts.


One afternoon the carnival stopped near a stream to camp for the night and Leon's father asked Leon to gather firewood and kindling from the nearby woods.

The woods were precariously perched on a hillside, just below a mountainous outcropping of granite.

As Leon was gathering kindling from a fallen tree he heard a moaning sound coming from a cave.

"Such a moaning I have never heard before," Leon thought to himself, "perhaps an animal is wounded and in need of my help."


It might be noted that Leon was very good with animals of all sorts and those in the carnival band thought that he was a Can-valor, someone who could talk with animals.


As Leon came near to a very large cave a Winged-Lizard came out of the cave. Leon called out to it using a strange and echoing voice, "Are you in distress, Winged-Lizard, and might I be of some help?"

The Dragon-like Lizard was not much taller than a very big horse, but long and slithery, as lizards often are.

The Winged-Lizard turned toward Leon and replied, "Is this your snare-trap that has very uncomfortably attached itself to my toe?"

"Not in a thousand years would I use such a terrible thing as a snare-trap, but I would be happy to relieve you of it if you would allow me to do so," Leon replied.

"Come boy, take this blasted snare from me and I will be very grateful to you for all my days," the Winged-Lizard growled.

Leon made his way to the creature and as it lifted it's foot Leon removed the trap from the Winged-Lizard's very swollen toe.

"I have ointment in my pouch that will help with the pain and aide in the healing. May I apply it to the wound?" Leon asked.

"Yes, of course," replied the creature.

As Leon applied the ointment he thought to distract from the pain by exchanging pleasantries. So he said, "I am known as Leon..."

"Yes, I know," said the Winged-Lizard, "and you travel with a carnival in this land called Tran. I am called Skylore by the local farmers, so I guess that is my name, for now."

As Leon wrapped the wound with sap-leaves he said, "I am happy to have made your acquaintance, Skylore. However, I am at a loss to understand how you know of me and my life. I am but a lowly Carney."

"I am of the family of Seer-Lizards, once in every four generations a Seer-Lizard is born into the family, and I am he. A Seer-Lizard has an array of odd and mystical abilities. I can vanish from view in an instant, alter my appearance and size to my choosing, and I can swim beneath the ocean's waves for great distances; I have gills behind my ears. See?"

Leon looked and said, "Oh yes, any fish of the sea would be proud of gills like those. Now, please do not distract me while I am attending to your wound, I am nearly finished.


There, I am done. Leave the sap-leaves on your toe for two cycles of the moon, then go to the stream and soak your foot in the water until the leaves fall off. It should be healed well enough by then," Leon stated. And then he smiled at Skylore and made ready to take the firewood back to his camp.

"Wait," stated Skylore, "I am in your debt and you must be paid before you leave my presence; it is a law of Winged-Lizards.

Come here to me and I will pay you with something more precious than gold."

Well, Leon was leery having never had dealings with a Winged-Lizard before, but Leon was also more trusting of animals that most of the beings living in this land, so he approached the head of Skylore.

"Make a cup-shape with your hands," Skylore stated, "and then hold your hands under my green eye."

Leon did as he was instructed and low-and-behold a tear fell from Skylore's green eye and into Soul's hands. The tear formed a perfect sphere and crystallized instantly.

"There, that is for you," The Winged-Lizard stated. "Destiny has brought you to me in my hour of need and has chosen you to take a new path that lies beyond this land and across the Great Sea. Go to the Island Nation of Evermore.

Tell your parents of this meeting and they will allow you to leave them. Your father's father had dealings with the last Seer-Lizard when he was a child; your father and mother have heard the stories many times.

Go to the docks at Sand-march Bay and find the ship named (Maiden Voyager). Book passage to the Island of Evermore and my tear will guide you from there.

But remember Leon, the Tear can only guide you, all else will need to come by your own wit, knowledge, and charm.

Now go, the window of time is closing."


Well sure enough, Skylore was right. Leon's parents were quick to let him go as soon as they heard the story of the Seer-Lizard. They supplied him with coins to buy passage on the ship and ask only that he send word when he was safe and settled.


Twenty-three moons passed before the Maiden Voyager set dock in Evermore Bay. The captain said that it was the smoothest voyage that he had ever been blessed with.

As Leon moved through the dockside town he felt a compelling urge to walk up the long and winding road that passed by the walled gardens. It was late in the afternoon and Leon thought that he should be looking for lodging, but then he looked at the Tear that was hidden in his satchel and saw that it was glowing, a soft shade of green. The Tear didn't talk, it just gave Leon the feeling to continue up the road, like the feeling one gets when someone is waiting for them.

Leon looked toward the castle that sat on the high hill and he walked on.


(Time Passes)


Princess LaNear and her Mother, the Queen, had just finished their morning meal and were taking their usual stroll in the Gardens of Evermore Green.

Suddenly, and without warning, Leon bounded out of a tree and knelt before the queen, holding the Tear out before him.

"Who might you be?" questioned the Queen.

"I am called Leon, oh wise and beautiful Queen."

The Queen blushed a bit, and then said, "And is there any reason that I shouldn't have one of your ears chopped off for entering my gardens uninvited?"

Leon replied, "I am a traveler from the Land of Tran and have sought admittance many times, but I have always been turned away.

I bring this Crystal Tear as a symbol of my love for your daughter. It is a mystical crystal and conveys a message from the Gods, a message that should be heard and obeyed. All you have to do is touch the sphere and it will speak, my Lady."

"Nonsense!" yelled the queen. "I'm not touching any old chunk of glass."

"I WILL," stated the princess, "I want to hear what it says."

And with that princess LaNear stepped forward and touched the Tear.

The Tear began to shake and as it did it shook the arm of Leon too. That is when a voice was heard, a strange and echoing voice that spoke in rhyme:

“This lad and princess shall be bride and groom,

On the Eve of Evermore, at the rise of the Moon;

By the words of the Gods no mortal shall tarry

For all will perish if they do not marry!”


Princess LaNear fainted dead away, but as luck would have it she fell into a bed of Blanket Flowers.

And as for the Queen, she screamed and began to tremble as she ran to the aid of her daughter.

Just as all this commotion was taking place the King happened by, escorted and followed by an entourage. As the King rushed into the garden he demanded an explanation.

All the Queen could say was "Touch the Sphere, touch the Sphere."

Well, the King touched the Sphere and was astounded by what he heard.

Soon he assembled all his closest advisers and he touched the Sphere again.

They could not come to a conclusion.

Then, as a last resort, the King summoned his personal Oracle and he touched the Sphere; a decision was made.

In no time at all the Princes and her Mother had selected where the wedding would take place; in the fields of flowers near the Evermore Sea. ... It was a beautiful wedding.


Now, many years have passed from the day of the great wedding and there is a new King and Queen on that Island Nation.

Yes, Leon is King and the Kingly Staff that he carries is topped with Skylore's Tear.

LaNear is his one true love, the mother of his children, and his Queen. And right now, they have three children who all love playing in their favorite garden; when the weather is warm, of course.

But as many children do, when they grow weary they want their Mother to tell them a story.

So sometimes LaNear does so by weaving tales of a daring young man, a Ventriloquist’s son from the Land of Tran, who conspired with a Princess, one moonlit night, to be together, forever, it was love at first sight.



D. Thurmond / JEF --- 04-04-2017

© Copyright 2019 D. Thurmond, aka, JEF. All rights reserved.

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