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Submitted: April 05, 2017

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Submitted: April 05, 2017



I got hold of Alladin’s lamp for a day and used it to help the people of my city........

“Today’s news : Temperature in India rises up to 38 degree celsius”, the news reporter said. My Mom and I were watching the television and the bell rang. When we opened the door we saw a letter which was delivered by a postman. It said “Your groceries are ready so collect it from my shop”. It was our trusted shopkeeper’s letter.

My Mom told me to bring it from the shop, so I left. The shop was nearby so I had to walk. I walked quickly as it helped me avoid the heat. Suddenly I tripped over something and fell down. I checked to see what it was. Surprisingly it was a lamp. I thought that I have seen it somewhere and this was not the first time. My head started to spin. The more I looked at it the more it reminded me of something.

Just then I remembered that it was “Alladin’s Magic Lamp”. I was amazed. I started to panic and wondered how Alladin’s lamp came on that road. My heart pounded like an F1 racer. Without thinking I picked up the lamp. Curiously I rubbed the lamp and the magical genie came out. ” Whatever you wish my Lord” he said. To test him, I told him to bring me a box of chocolates. To my amazement he brought a big box of chocolates. Just then an idea struck to my head. I thought of helping my city as a responsible citizen.

The genie told that I could use his service only for a day. I remembered the news which said about the rise in temperature. Without hesitating, I ordered the genie for snowfall in India. The genie murmured some spells and the sky became dark, the temperature started to decrease. There was a cold and pleasant temperature all around. I saw many people coming out of their houses, fooling around, running and jumping and throwing snowballs at each other, falling and above all laughing their heads off.

Even though I felt that it was fake and produced by a magical genie from a magical lamp but it was enough to bring maniacal shrieks of laughter among the people. From the threatening problem of heat, every individual experienced an immediate relief. Then I solved the problem of pollution. I ordered the genie to trap all poisonous gases from air and told him to throw it out in space. I also told him to release pure ozone in the troposphere near the ozone layer.

I also ordered the genie to attach air purifiers to the chimneys of all factories. He also purified all the dirty water bodies. The moon began to rise and it was the end of the day. My heart was filled with joy as many people were relieved. The usage of the lamp was over but I was satisfied as I could help the people of my city. I forgot to take the groceries and was thinking how to tell my Mom what I had done. My Mom would be very  happy after hearing this.


– Atharva Salitri

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