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For me, I have no religion but instead a spiritual life style. There was never anything wrong with the use of my gift to express who I am and Who I am becoming, I am learning to use my spiritual growth as inspiration in my work, through my God that I have full belief in.

Submitted: April 05, 2017

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Submitted: April 05, 2017



The very name can be untouched as it exempts the exsistence of all others.

A spirit beyond realms, a life above mortality, a being above human understanding.

A beauty that stretches the limits of expectations and originality within the artistry of all that lay wake beneath his eternal gaze.

He is the alpha and omega of the essence of existance, the creator of creators and author of life

conquerer of death and hell.Emperor to the golden gates of forever,  He reigns above all prices that could ever be bidded. 

Within him he bears riches beyond riches, for his wealth lyes not within a collection of materalistic value, it dwells in the heart of every soul that dares to praise his name in every way we have been gifted to do so. He lives within us, and in us, his wealth runs like a well that never runs over or drys with the famine for his love is eternal.

With my pen I will write

With my brush I will paint

I shall pray

I shall sing

With my feet shall I stand and dance

With my hands I shall clap

I pray I not be lead astray in my journey and if so not for too long


May I live to see his glory one day, with a sound mind and strong heart

spiritually nourished and prepared to stand before him, my precious and wonderful God. 


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