a letter to the future

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Submitted: April 05, 2017

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Submitted: April 05, 2017



  Dear Mr. future,

My name is Essara. After all experienced as I saw through my life by comparison and participant in each single event, I had learnt a lesson that you can never change the past but the future is the decision you remake for your life. I taught myself through years I can make my future brighter but the past will only be the past and when you look back, it would be a small fade in your life.All beyond the world is place of wonder and mystery, undiscovered researches were for the new generation, of hope and future. People had always thought that they can never step their foot onto a level of full achievement, of magnificent or significant accomplishment, they are all wrong. Your persistence can make a big change in your life, I had never wanted to change my life, desperation neither brings you hope. Nor does it make you feel better. You never need to rush, to forget about your life, passing every little things such as joy of life, when you gathered together among your family. You never recognize that you have been a fire fly, you head up to the danger and blind. The fame and popularity is like a fog covers your eyes, make you go into decisions without directions. Life then just a dream, you must wake up from nightmares and live with reality. What makes you wake up is the people around you, they will lead your way. Sometimes you are wavering between your family or your career, you are steady and immature, you need advises. However, your true advise is make your life your own way, don't be under pressure. If you see your shade of life, you are pleased...

From Essara, letter of hope.

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