Behind the black glass

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this story is about a rich boy named hony who didn't listen to the angels and was punished by the demons.

Submitted: April 06, 2017

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Submitted: April 06, 2017



Behind the black glass

Once there was a boy named Hony was living in a house with his family. His family was very rich. He never worried about anything as he had everything.

 Once he went to a shop to get a better glass for him. He looked at a glass and thought it was better for him but the shopkeeper said “no we are telling you after you will not be spared by the demons’’. Hony thought that the shopkeepers have gone crazy. He called his guards to arrest the shopkeeper then also they told not to take the glass, but Hony didn’t listen and took the glass from the shop and wore it.

 From that time onwards in the full moon night, he would read a book saying if you don’t listen to the angels the demons will hunt you down. he thought the shopkeepers are the angels and got very scared he nearly slept every full moon night.

 Once in a full moon night the shopkeepers who were arrested changed into the angel and came out of the jail and went to save Hony. Meanwhile, he tried to murder everyone in his family because he changed into a demon.

Suddenly the angels came and took Hony to a tall skyscraper and dropped him from a top of it. Hony slowly changed back into a human when the angels noticed that Hony changed into a human they caught him and put him on the ground. The boy noticed that the shopkeepers where the angels and realized his

mistake and never did that again. From that time onwards everyone lived happily ever after.


The end

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