Sex in the Modern World

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In the world one must learn how to control his/her sexuality and know the fruit of using it to glorify God but also know the destruction it can cause from poor judgment, and the immorality of using our bodies as objects.

Submitted: April 06, 2017

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Submitted: April 06, 2017






The Manly Virtue


Chastity.  Yes, I know what you're saying. It's not for me, it's just a bunch of garbage. I'm not hurting the girl by lusting over her or having sex; I love her, so why shouldn't I show her? Well, you should, at the appropriate time and in the right context.  Mathew 5:28 says, "But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart."  Therefor you may not be harming the girl, but you are harming yourself by sinning. So if you really love her, then why sin? The 7th commandment of God clearly states You Shall Not Commit Adultery, and if in Mathew 5:28 says lusting after a woman is adultery, than why break God's commandment if you really "love" her?

Don't get me wrong, the intimacy you desire with your opposite sex, is a great thing created by God, so one might say than why is it wrong outside of marriage?  God created the intimacy you feel to bring about life in an unselfish way, so if you have sex outside of marriage you are not fully giving of yourself because no life is being brought fourth. Therefore you act in a selfish way.

Another reason is you wouldn't want a lay person going up to the alter and celebrating Mass and opening the tabernacle door to the room where God rest just like you might at your own home. He just doesn't have that rite. He never earned it and everyone would know it looks out of place. Same goes for marriage, unless you take the vow of marriage at the altar, you do not deserve the rite to fully love him or her.

Also, think of it like this. Your future spouse is out there, school is let out and her boyfriend who you will never meet, takes her home and to his house.  There he starts to make his move and try to manipulate her until he takes from her, her virginity, how would you feel? If you wouldn't want him to do it with your future spouse, than set the same slandered for yourself. Try to look at it this way. People are born from sex, people die from sex (STD's). If I get a powerful gift for Christmas, say a car, there are rules that keep me safe. I think it is the same with your sexuality.

I will admit, every guy struggles with keeping himself pure, even I do.  It is a battle we fight every day and will continue to fight it for the rest of our lives. The world has also distorted the way we view Chasity, for they view it as this "strict code of love."  I will not lie to you, if I looked at it like the world does I would never even want to talk about it at all. But in fact, Chasity is very powerful! One might think of Chasity as an abstinence from love, but in fact where abstinence tells you what not to do, Chasity fills in those empty spots.

Also, mostly males will ask, well if Chastity means not to do any sexual activity before marriage, then does that mean kissing?  It all depends on how you go about it all.  Yes, such types like "French kissing" does go against the code of Chastity, but a little closed mouth kiss that young people might do while dating is okay. The point at which that all changes and it becomes a sin, is when your move on to a more passionate kiss, which excites your hormones and will most likely make it easier to fall into sin.  The reason being, is because you, knowingly tempt yourself and that of your significant other.

Chasity is also a long life virtue that must be practiced over and over again. People also view it as hurting your "freedom" but Elbert Hubbard says, "Responsibility is the price of freedom."  SO if you cannot act responsible and control your passions, then you actually are not free!

Let me just end with this.Numerous studies suggest that if a couple has had sex before marriage, the pair is far more likely to get divorced. The divorce rate for couples who live together before marriage is nearly twice that of couples who do not cohabitate. Three Great Speakers every male should listen to are Jason Evert whose website is, Matt Fradd whose website is and Father Mike Schmitz. You men can do this and change the world.  Remember, "If there is no enemy within, than the enemy outside can do us no harm."  An African wrote that quote but no one knows his name.  God Bless and lite a fire in the world so that others my lite one also! 



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