I know now baby that I love you

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People make mistakes in life, after all life doesn't come with an instruction manual right.. This is the feel of a similar person

Submitted: April 06, 2017

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Submitted: April 06, 2017



I know I've made many promises

I know I've lied too

I know I've drifted apart

I know far away form you

I know my mistakes now

I know I've made tons

I know that I'm unworthy

I know you were mine once

I know I had you in my arms

I know I left you in a trance

I know I had places to go

I know now that they are only foe

I know all too well of you

I know you'd take the clue

I know now I love only you

I know that it's your heart that mine desires

I know that it's your presence that awakens my soul

I know that it's your love that my life requires

I know baby but please return and make me whole

I know that I thought I know all

I know now that's my fault

I know that my love is now true

I know that my heart now falls for only you

I know I fell for every girl then

I know I thought that it was fun

I know I forgot to feel your pain

I know now that I want you to be my claim

I know that it's only you

I know now that you are always true

I know that even my graves would now weep

I know that I want you to be in my safe keep

I know baby, I promise to love you

I know I'll say those words and now they'll be true

I know they'll come from the fathoms of my heart

I know baby believe me it's only you I sought

I know baby and now I'll say

Baby I'll love you everyday ????

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