The First Real Casuality of War

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Before going to war there is already the first casuality.

Submitted: April 06, 2017

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Submitted: April 06, 2017



War can be a terribale thing, although there are reasons for war, some of which are easy to expalin and others can be hard to find a reason for but before the fighting, killing and the other pain that comes with it there is the first casuality. The first casuality is innoucence, before going to fight you are issued your orders and your weapons, for those that have never been to war they probably think they can talk the enemy down, but once the enemy is declared the talking stops. You are expected to kill to finish off the enemy before they take their shot at you, but with that comes the perception of hero vs villian but how can that be when both sides have the innocence of warriors. The loss of innocence comes at the first shot, because even though it comes off as a kill to others it's a sign to the others that the villian had no innocence in the first place. So before the first gun is shot, before there are bodies on the ground, before the orders are issued just remember the casualites start before the boots hit the ground.

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