how did the rivalry between barcelona and real madrid start?

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Submitted: April 06, 2017

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Submitted: April 06, 2017



Carlos Gonzalez

Ms. Collis

English 10

April 6 2017

The History of “El Clasico”

Real Madrid vs Barcelona is a match up between the 2 best sport teams in the world. When this two teams play against each other over 400 million people watch it. But people don’t focus on how the rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid start, most people just know that they are the two best clubs in the world, they have the best players in the world, and when they play against each other it is going to be one heck of a game. These two clubs compete for everything even they compete for which one has the most money. But people don’t know how all of this craziness came to happen. Well, all of this began more than 100 years ago and it did not had anything to do with football. It all happen with a problem they had in politics. And right from that moment they always had a huge hatred for each other and that led to the football pitch.


In 1902 Real Madrid hosted a tournament and invited FC Barcelona. Barcelona defeated Real Madrid 3-1 and they advanced to the final. Barcelona lost 2-1 against Basque club Vizcaya. All the people were more focused on Real Madrid and Barcelona so the tournament organizers decided to make a third place match. The games between each other continued for much more than a decade, with Barcelona winning most of the matches. The rivalry would eventually heat up in 1905 (The). During the dictatorship of Miguel Primo who was the Prime Minister of Spain in 1923-30, he prohibited the Catalan language which was the language of Barcelona and where the football club Barcelona was located. Also he restricted the freedom of the Catalan people. The Catalan people got very angry but since he was the Prime Minister he couldn’t do nothing about it. So for the Catalan people the only way that they could express their national identity was by supporting FC Barcelona. (The)


The Spanish Civil War was from 1936 to 1939. This was one of the majors cause for shaping the rivalry. Francisco Franco who was a general from Barcelona, was able to successfully stage a coup d'etat and capture Madrid in 1939 until the end of the war. Furthermore another major cause of shaping the rivalry was that both teams wanted to sign a player. His name is Alfredo Di Stéfano and he is one of the greatest football player to ever play the game. Real Madrid and Barcelona both sent an offer to River Plate where Di Stéfano was playing. After long negotiations, FIFA decided that Barcelona would get to sign Di Stéfano. Just after that signing, The Spanish Football Federation banned the signings of any foreign football players, and that’s when Real Madrid came to sign Di Stéfano, and the rest is history. He led Real Madrid to 8 league titles and 5 European crowns. The Barcelona fans were left in shocked and led to extreme hatred against Real Madrid. (Goel)


The forming of the rivalry is still happening to this day. When a loved by the fans Barcelona player went from Barcelona to Real Madrid. The fans would never forgive him because they see this as a sign of betrayal against them. To add on they are also competing for which team has the best player Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid or Lionel Messi of Barcelona. (Goel)

The rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid didn’t start with football as most people think that it did. But they don’t know the truth. The matchup between this two teams is one of a kind, there hasn’t been any rivalry that has been able to top this one. And it is all because a civil war and wanting to defend their flag that was the cause of the shaping of this rivalry. From politics to wanting to sign the same player, Real Madrid and Barcelona are the biggest rivalry ever that their is and ever will be.


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