A Lancaster Love

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This is an excerpt from A Lancaster Love, my five book Amish romance series, FREE on Kindle Unlimited! Can an ex-Amish woman leave her past behind and find love after tragedy? This riveting series follows Eve Miller, her first love Noah Lapp, and her business partner Flynn Munro through an inspirational Amish romance entwining love, loss, redemption, and the healing power of God.

Submitted: April 06, 2017

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Submitted: April 06, 2017



Flynn walked out of his back office, through the kitchen, around the counter, and out to the doors that connected the café to the store. He was just pulling them shut, when a sound from the entrance startled him.

Someone was fumbling with the lock on the front door!

Flynn pulled the café doors mostly closed and stood watching through the crack. For an instant he feared a break in, but the jingle of keys made his muscles relax. Linda must’ve forgotten something, and have come back to get it.

He was just about to walk out and greet her, when the sight of two people made him step back again.

Eve Miller had returned, and there was a man with her.

Flynn watched from behind the doors in guilty curiosity. It was the Amish man who’d come by a few days ago, asking after her. The fellow was as tall as a tree, and had a spare, almost harsh face: thick, dark eyebrows, strong nose, square chin. Flynn wondered briefly if the man was her boyfriend, but he didn’t have to wonder long.

She’d barely taken three steps across the floor before the man reached out and pulled her to his chest. They exchanged a tender kiss, and Flynn looked down at his shoes in embarrassment.

“Don’t go, Ebie,” the man was saying. “Come back with me -- come back home!”

Flynn pricked up his ears. So, Eve Miller had once been Amish!

Eve looked down at the man’s chest, and murmured something too low to hear. Flynn went red with guilt, and wished himself away; but he couldn’t move now, because they’d hear him.

“Heaven help us, Ebie, haven’t we been robbed of enough time? Come back with me. Believe me, we aren’t the only people Ernst hurt. They’ll all understand, even Eli! Sell your business and come home!”

At the words sell your business Flynn straightened up in dismay, and strained to hear her faint answer: but Eve Miller’s murmured words vanished into the air.

To Flynn’s alarm, the man smiled, and lifted her chin. They kissed again, softly -- sweetly. To Flynn’s worried eyes, it looked a lot like…


He thought of the people he’d just hired, the suppliers he’d just struck agreements with. He thought of his little daughter, dreaming peacefully back in the office, and what another upheaval would mean to her. To both of them.

Surely, surely Eve Miller wouldn’t do that to him.

But the look in her eyes, as she stared up at the man, struck fear into his heart. It was a look that boded even worse for him than the look of love. It was a look he knew well.

The look of hunger.

Eve Miller was looking up at that man like she was starving.

She pressed her lips to his ear, and they kissed again in parting. The man squeezed her hands, and he pulled away from her slowly and reluctantly.

“I’ll call you, Ebie.”

She nodded, and he backed through the doors, smiling at her.

Flynn watched as Eve turned and slowly climbed the stairs to her office door. She unlocked it and walked in.

Flynn bit his lip and frowned. He’d rather be beaten with sticks than to admit he’d witnessed such a private scene. But now that he had?he needed to know if Eve Miller was selling the nursery.

He put his hand on the doorknob, but pictured Eve’s mortified expression, and pulled it back again. How could he embarrass that woman? And how could they work together again, once he told her that he’d witnessed such an intimate moment?

But the memory of his little daughter’s dreaming face wiped every other consideration out of his mind. He forced himself to open the doors and walk toward Eve’s office.

But as he did, to his dismay, Eve Miller’s warm, plaintive voice drifted down through the open door:

Kiss me, Johnny, once more, once more

Under the willow tree;

Kiss me Johnny, just once more

And swear you’ll be true to me.


Flynn Munro put a hand on the banister and doggedly ascended the stairs to Eve Miller’s office. His heart was pounding like a guilty schoolboy’s; he hated to invade the woman’s privacy.

But there was no way out. He had to know if she was going to sell the business.

And better to know sooner than later?if that was what she planned.

She was still singing; her soft, sad voice curled through the air as he approached. He stopped in front of the door, closed his eyes, swallowed, and forced himself to knock.

The singing stopped. The door opened, and she looked out, smiling. “Noah, did you forge…”

But the sight of him made her stop dead in her tracks. The blood drained out of her face.

“I’m sorry, Miss Miller, but I was working late in the café, and I happened to overhear just now. I didn’t mean to, I promise. But I heard the man just now ask you to sell this business, and that would have a drastic effect on my café.”

He met her eyes grimly. “If you do mean to sell out, I wish you’d tell me now?so I can plan for it.”

Her face, at first so pale, went bright red. She looked so transparently horrified that he dropped his glance to avoid seeing her expression. He felt like a brute, a clod.

She backed away from him and sat down abruptly in her chair. She was silent for so long that he wondered if she was going to say anything at all. But she folded her hands in her lap and looked up into his eyes.

“No, Mr. Munro,” she told him evenly. “I signed a contract with you, and I will honor it. I am not going to sell this nursery.”

He nodded. “Thank you, Miss Miller,” he said quietly. “I apologize for intruding on your privacy.”

He turned to go, expecting any minute for her to send something after him; but there wasn’t a sound from the office. He descended the stairs with a burning face, and bundled Molly out into the parking lot as fast as he could.

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