doctor D.

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this is a short horror story that really is not very scary.

Submitted: April 06, 2017

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Submitted: April 06, 2017



Doctor D. was a mad scientist, he lived in a junk yard in Virginia. Being that he lived in a junk yard very lonely person, which gave him plenty of  time to make an elixir that that would turn people into zombies, so that is what he did. Making just two vials of the elixir required a list of ingredients: hydrogen peroxide, weed killer, coffee, liquor, soap, water, gasoline, bear urine, cat urine, pig sweat, and and 80 pounds of salt. He mixed all of the ingredients together, turning into a bluish purplish color.  He put the paste like elixir into a needle. He injected the needle into his arm, and then he was out cold for 16 hours straight when he awoke he was missing five teeth and his skin had a dark green tint. Luckily while he still had the slightest bit of consciousness he made a cure. he injected the cure into the same hole in his arm as he did the previous needle. He was then cured and now all is well and he is no longer a mad scientist because he found out how dangerous the profession is.




The End


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