The X-mas tree mystery

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all the gang wanted to do was to go and buy a nice x-mas tree for their club house
what they got was a mystery in need of solving

The X-Mas Tree Mystery

The gang were all too excited to visit the Fair Forest.

And pick out the best x-mas tree for their clubhouse


Chapter 1:

“I hope that they’ve one that’s full of colorful pines.

 That way we don’t have to put up so many lights on it.”

 Daisy Penguin was telling them on their way there

“That’s dumb, whoever heard of a colorful pine tree.” Tommy Cub frowned

“Now, now, let’s keep it friendly.

I’m sure that they’ve all sorts of suitable trees for sale

And Tommy, as silly as it may sound.

 I’d love to have a colorful pine tree, anything not to deal with untangling

 all those x-mas light.” Cookie’s mom laughed


Shortly afterwards they drove passed a crooked sign

That was nailed to a tree which looked like it

 was about to fall off at any moment

Which read:




“Oh, how beautiful!”

It looks like some sort of magical forest.”

 Cookie said once they all got out of the car and walked in

There were rows of what seemed like miles and miles

 of all sort of different sizes pine trees.

 Some even had fake snow on top of them along with other colorful plants and flowers

All prepared for the perfect x-mas present


But before they’d run out in search of finding the perfect tree.

Tommy jokily cried out

“Hey!” I think I found one!”

Holding up a little pine that looked like

 it was just about to fall apart at any moment

And before any of them could reply an angry voice yelled out

“If you break it then you brought it!” So put that down before you do!”

“Sorry, I wasn’t going to break it.” Tommy mumbled

“Here Tommy, give it to me. I’ll buy it for you,

 now why don’t you go and find the others.

 I’ll join you kids, a bit later.” Cookie’s mom smiled

“Okay, thanks.” Tommy smiled as he handed her the tree.

 Then ran off to go find the rest of the gang


Chapter 2:



“She was such a mean grump.”

 Tommy told them after he explained what happened

“I feel bad that your mom had to buy, a tree that I really didn’t want.

 Maybe I should pay her back or something.”

He added. Cookie patted Tommy on the back and smiled

“Don’t worry about it.

 And she shouldn’t have talked to you like that,

 you’d think she’d be nicer working in a place like this.”

“Well, maybe we should call Santa, and tell him.

 To put a piece of coal under her pillow for being naughty!”

 A friendly voice from behind them laughed


They turned around and found a pretty collie staring at them

 with a big smile on her face

“You must be Cookie, I’m Jody, my mom owns this place.”

“Nice, to meet you.

 Your mom and mines are pretty good friends, right?” Cookie asked

“Yes, in fact, they’re in my mom’s office right now catching up.

 And sorry about Ms. Pinks, ever since she got another job

“She has been a real grump;

 I know that doesn’t excuse the way she treated you.

 But ever since my mom broke her leg,

 she needs all the help that she can get around here.” Jody explained


“How did your mom break her leg?” Vicky Dragonfly asked

“Oh, she tripped over some broken tree limbs.

 While chasing our not so friendly ghost!” Jody laughed

“Excuse me, did you just say that you’ve a not so friendly ghost?”

 Sammy Turtle asked frowning. Jody laughed at their confusion

“Well, that’s what I named it.

 After all the weird stuff that’s been going on around here lately.”

“What kind of weird stuff?” Daisy asked

“It started with small flower pots breaking or going missing,

 then we had a small fire that started out nowhere.

 I keep telling my mom that I believe that Mr. Gill’s behind all our problems.”

“Who’s Mr. Gill?” Cookie asked

“Oh, he’s a bigger grump then Ms. Pinks,

 he just finished buying the field next to ours.

 And now wants for my mom to sell him this one,

 so, he can combine the two and build some stupid amusement park.”

 Jody answered back

“At first I was thinking how cool it’d be.

 But then when I googled his name it showed

 that he was ordered to closed his last park

“After some kid died on one his rides due to safety issues.”

“But I guess he can’t take no for an answer.

 Since after that all these weird things started happening.” She added

“Wow, that’s awful.” Cookie said

“Yah, but what’s worst without any real proof.

 There’s no way that we can prove it.” Jody shrugged


Vick suddenly got an idea

“We’ve been known to solve a mystery or two.

 What if we start helping around here and keep our eyes and ears open

“Maybe we might get lucky and unmask this ghost of yours!”

“That’d be a wonderful idea, when can you start.” Jody happily answered


Chapter 3:

The next day after eating a big breakfast.

They rode their bikes to the Fair Forest to begin their first day of work


When they walked over towards the main office.

 They noticed that some of the flower pots were all smashed up,

and dirt was thrown all over the place


“So, I see that you kids,

 couldn’t resist returning back to the scene of your crimes.”

Ms. Pinks accused them

“Huh?” I’m sorry but you’re wrong.

 We’d never do anything as terrible as this.”

Ms. Pinks was about to answer but Jody’s mom interrupted her

“Ms. Pinks, please apologize to these kids, at once.

 They came here to help,

 when they probably could be doing other things to help me. Not to be falsely accused by you?”

“My apologies.” Ms. Pinks smirked before she stormed off


“Oh wow, what happened?” Cookie asked Jody’s mom

“Well, if Jody, were here.

She’d say that our unfriendly ghost friend struck again.”

 Jody’s mom smiled

“Jody told us about Mr. Gill,

do you believe that he’s behind all these pranks?” Vicky asked Jody’s mom

“I don’t know.

 I ‘d like to give him the benefit of the doubt that he isn’t this childish

“But sometimes when you’ve so much money.

 You believe that you can buy anything that you want

And if it’s him, it’s sad for him,

 to believe that by doing these silly pranks would make me change my mind.”

 Jody’s mom began

“But this is nothing for you kids, to worry about.

 So why don’t I make us some hot chocolate then we finish cleaning up.”

 She added smiling


Later that day they hanging inside thief clubhouse discussion what was going on with their case. Cookie pulled out a small notebook from her back pocket and opened it

“Okay, let’s go over what we know so far.

First, Ms. Pinks, is so grumpy who make customers.”

“Not want to come back. Since she’ an old grump!”

 Tommy finished for her laughing

“Exactly.” Cookie smiled

“Next, weird pranks have been going on lately.

 Making some to believe that the place is haunted and dangerous to visit.”

 She added

“Also, true, but who?” Daisy asked

“My bet is on Mr. Gill, just like Jody’s mom said.

 He believes he can buy anything he wants no matter what.” Sammy answered

“Yah, but I think that we should also add Jody, to our list of suspects.”

Vicky told them


The rest of the gang just looked at her with confused looks on their faces

“I don’t think it’s really her.

But I get a funny feeling that she wishes that her mom didn’t work so much.

“And have more time for her.” Vicky shrugged

“They’re all great points so what now?”

 How are we going to prove who the real ghost is?” Tommy asked


Chapter 4:

The next day Jody called the gang and told them that a newspaper article

 just came out.

 Stating all the problems her mother had been having lately

And how they all should stay away from the Fair Forest


When they arrived,

 they were surprised to see that the parking lot was half full


“Wow, I guess whoever wrote the article.

 Must be feeling pretty dumb, I’ve never seen this place so packed.”

 Tommy whistled

“I guess it never fails,

 tell a group that a place is haunted

 and they’ll go running to see if it’s true or not!” Vicky laughed


Chapter 5:

A day later the girls were waiting for the boys to arrive.

 So, they could go over how the case was going


“I wonder what’s keeping them?” Daisy asked.

 Vicky shrugged and was about to call them

When they came running in

 and before the girls could ask them where they’ve been

Tommy cried out

“Guess what!” We figured out how we can catch our ghost!”

You did? How? The girls wanted to know

“Come on, we’ll tell you on the way there

 we’re going to need Ms. Baker’s help.

 If our plan is going to work.” Sammy told them


An hour later the gang was outside Ms. Baker’s office pretending to be

Cleaning up. When Mr. Gill walked by with a big smile on his face


“I certainly hope that this is going to work.”

 Daisy whispered over to Cookie as they quickly sneaked into the back office

And pressed their ears against the wall.

 So, they could hear what was going on


“So, I see, that you’ve finally came to your senses.

 I’ve all the papers ready for you

To sign.

 And a nice check with your name on it in my pocket.” Mr. Gill smiled

“What!” What’s he talking about?” Ms. Pinks frowned

“I’m surprised that you don’t know.

 Since it’s my understanding that you’re the one who has been helping him

“Pull all those childish pranks.” Jody’s mom answered also frowned

“Why, I never done such thing.

 I can’t even believe that you’d think I’d do something so awful!”

 Miss Pinks cried out

“Don’t try to deny it.

 Cookie and her friends have already informed me all about it.”

 Jody’s mom scowled

“I knew these kids, would be nothing but trouble.” Miss Pinks mumbled

“Please, don’t blame them.

 I just want you to tell me why?” Jody’s mom interrupted.

 And before Miss Pinks could reply Mr. Gill interrupted


“I’m a very busy and don’t have time to mess around.

 I came here believing that you were ready to sell.”

“Well, I’m sorry to have wasted your time.

 But I’d never sell anything to you ever,

 I just wanted for you and Miss Pinks, to know

“that if it doesn’t stop I’ll have no choice but inform the police of your actions.

 Now if you’d kindly leave and never return.” Jody’s mom ordered

“I don’t take kindly to your false accusation.

You’re lucky if I don’t go and speak with the police myself.”

Mr. Gill snorted before he stormed off


“And as for you Miss Pinks, I’m very sorry but I’ve no choice but to

“It wasn’t all Miss Pinks, fault.”

 A small voice from behind them interrupted



Chapter 6:


“I’m sorry mom, I never meant for it to go this far or for you to get hurt.

 I just wanted you to think it was him.

“But then Miss. Pinks, found out that it was me and threaten to tell you.”

 Jody began

“Is that true?” Jody’s mom asked

“Yes, and honestly I apologies. I should’ve just came and told you,

 but I’ve been so stressed dealing with my husband’s medical issues

and in keeping Jody’s secret

“Can you forgive me?” Miss Pinks answered

“No, I’m the one who owes both of you an apologize.

 I’ve been so caught up with my work that I couldn’t see what was going on around me

“Jody, what you did was very foolish.

 But please if you ever feel this way again tell me

You’re the most important thing to me than anything.  

“I’ll always be there for you no matter what.” Her mother explained.

 Jody wiped the tears from her check

Then gave her mom the biggest hug



Chapter 7:

“I’d like to thank you kids, for all your help.

 If it wasn’t for what you discovered

 I would’ve never found out how Jody really felt.” Jody’s mom told them

“Aww, it was nothing.” Cookie blushed

“Oh, but it was.

And as for a reward I’m going to treat you all to the biggest ice cream we can find

“But first, Miss Pinks, how would you like to become my business partner?”

 The job would come with a nice little pay raise.”

 Jody’s mom asked smiling.

 Miss Pinks was so surprised that she didn’t know how to respond

She just nodded her head yes


“Great!” Jody’s mom laughed

“We’ll finish discussing the rest of the details over ice cream.

 Especially how your first order as my new partner will to take over,

 while Jody and I go on a very long much needed reconnecting,

 no work allowed vacation


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