The Untold Story

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It's a love-story of the protagonist named Bryan who falls in love with her class-mate named Sophie

Submitted: April 07, 2017

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Submitted: April 07, 2017



An Untold Story

“Excuse me can you please tell me how to issue books from the Library?” Bryan asked his classmate. He was new to the University. “Yeah sure, you have to fill an application and then you’ll receive a confirmation mail and your Library account will be opened and then you can easily get the books issued!” his fellow Julia told him the whole procedure. “Well lots of gratitude!” Bryan thanked her and left. His class-fellows teased him a lot as he was a new comer, but he didn’t do anything and bear everything.

During the exams, most of his classmates took advantage of Bryan’s genial and intelligent character but after exams, they seemed like strangers towards him. Bryan faced all this and didn’t care for such follies. Bryan was noticing everybody and he found all his male friends double-faced and the one’s who were using him for their own purposes, that’s why he didn’t trust men but soon he came across two guys who seemed although rustics, but they were pure and single-faced. However, they were not that intelligent as were those who were double-faced, but at least he felt no mistrust on their behalf and they became his best friends. Bryan helped them in studies and took help from them in any matters and there friendship was simply perfect.

Bryan sometimes happened to sit with Donald, who was very popular among the female classmates and they respected and showed affection to him. Bryan thought that Donald also regards them but he realized with his comments that he did respect them but only in front of them. “I don’t know Bryan what happens to these stupid and dirty creatures, women, that they keep on talking loudly and their tongue doesn’t stops” Donald said to Bryan who advised him not to use such a language for them as they are also human-beings and their class-fellows. “They don’t deserve to be respected, they are a waste only” Donald said again and Bryan kept silent this time as he found it useless to advise him. Even then he developed relationships with those “Stupid, dirty and waste creatures” and maybe the females were unaware of his real face, whatever it was Bryan didn’t pondered as he believed that the Bad People will be punished for their misdeeds.

After about a year, passed at University, Bryan noticed the whole class. He found a girl who was very pure and straightforward in her character. Bryan wanted to talk to her and start friendship with her but he blushed to say that as he never had such an experience like Donald’s.

One day, Bryan was going back after the classes ended, he came across that girl named Sophie. She was walking with her friend. Bryan passed from near them. “Why do we care if he doesn’t cares” Sophie uttered these words. Daniel kept going and returned back then. He tried to find them and when he saw them, he approached them. In a bit of confusion he said: “Is there any task assigned for tomorrow’s classes?” Sophie’s friend, Mia looked at Sophie and answered “I guess no!” and she looked at Sophie again while smiling. Then, Sophie said: “Wait- I think there was, umm.. Just read the handouts” Bryan thanked them and left. He begin to think of those words “Why do we care if he doesn’t cares”

The next day, Bryan came earlier and sat on a bench. He looked all around and found Sophie and Mia sitting on a bench near him. He tried to start formal conversation with Sophie. Bryan went close to them and said “What’s the time?” again Sophie replied and not Mia “It’s 11:50 Am” the whole thing troubled him and he remembered the dialogue “Why do we care if he doesn’t cares”. It maybe a misunderstanding but Bryan felt that Sophie liked him and so, Bryan messaged her. On the next day after the messages, Bryan saw Sophie in the cafeteria and after much confidence went close to her. “Excuse me Katy! I want to talk to Sophie if you don’t mind”

“Yeah sure” Katy replied and Bryan sat in front of Sophie. “Well Sophie! I’ve messaged you on Facebook, have you read them?”

“What? Who messaged me and on what?” Sophie asked again.

“I messaged you on Facebook and please don’t mind those after reading them” Bryan said to Sophie and Sophie replied “Ok I’ll read” and Bryan went back to his friends, Bell and Jacob. The next day, Bryan was revising for his exam when he heard a voice “Excuse me! You said that you messaged me on Facebook but I didn’t get them”

It was Sophie’s voice. Bryan said amazedly “Really? I’ve messaged you, how’s it possible?” “Seriously I didn’t get your messages, what is the picture on my ID?” Sophie asked and Bryan nodded as he didn’t remember. “I’ve uploaded the picture of Batman” Sophie told Bryan.

Bryan searched for her ID and messaged her again and the message read:

“Hello! I’m Bryan, I want to tell you that I like you and I want to become your friend Sophie! And the purity of your character attracts me a lot as you don’t make up appearances like others. Thanks”

Bryan waited for her reply anxiously and the nest morning he opened his Facebook Id and saw her reply:

“Dear Bryan! I respect your feelings but I’m engaged, which restricts me from being friends with any male, I hope you do understand the situation”

Bryan got immensely depressed but neutrally thought of her happiness in her life ahead and grid up his loins and messaged her again that he understands the situation and that his best wishes are with her for her better future and told her that he wouldn’t even look at her being a moralist and he won’t message her again because she is someone else’s Fiancée and said sorry to her for messaging her.

 Sophie replied her that it wasn’t his fault and it was Ok and Bryan thanked her and followed his words.

He was extremely in love with her but due to her honor, hid all his emotions inside him. “It’s the first time that I want to live for you. If you ever need me, I would be always there for you Sophie my dear!” Bryan murmured to himself. Bryan didn’t talk to her nor did he look at her because she might feel sympathetic to him and do something which may hurt her engagement.

One day Bryan was going back to his home when someone held his arm and turned him “Bryan! There’s a good-news for you! If you’ll listen, you’ll start dancing” He was Jacob. “Let me go home Jacob! I’m felling dizzy”

Bryan seemed to be tired. “No! Your dizziness will disappear after listening to it” Jacob convinced him. “Ok tell me don’t ask riddles” Bryan said lazily.

“Ok Listen! Sophie’s engagement broken! Hurrah!!” Jacob said excitedly.

“It’s not a good-news at all! She will be highly grieved and you’re celebrating her loss!” Bryan said and went to find Sophie. “Sophie! My dear what happened? Are you alright?” Bryan asked her. “Yeah I’m good! But what happened to you? You look sad!” Sophie asked him. “What about your engagement” “It’s no more!” Sophie told Bryan. “And you’re not worried? Why?” Bryan asked her surprisingly. “Why would I be worried?” Sophie questioned him. “You didn’t love your fiancée?” Bryan asked her.

“Not at all- it was my parents’ wish, not mine” Sophie told him and Bryan was extremely amazed. “Then all happened for betterment!!” Bryan passed her a smile. “Yes! I wanted to tell you before but I couldn’t tell you because of this relationship that..” Sophie stopped while speaking. “That what Sophie?” Bryan asked her. “That I love you a lot Bryan! I mean your innocence, your intellectuality and all that I really love everything regarding you Bryan” Sophie said confusedly. “Really, is that so?” Bryan felt like blessed. “Yes!!! That’s genuinely true Bryan, I love you a lot”

Both of them accepted their love for each other and started to live calmly and blissfully afterwards.

© Copyright 2018 Murad. All rights reserved.

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