MY novel about a transgender.
SYNOPSIS TO MY NOVEL: My name is Alex Layton. (I took my grandfathers last name RIP)
This unraveling tale is about a hermaphrodite named Alex; he falls in love with his best friend who is a heterosexual at age 10. When he was just a boy he reached puberty, minor neurological problems eventually abated. He moves away to another state where he develops into a woman and manages to find his beloved again; this time approaching her as a woman and having to fighting the secret and pretending to be celibate to hide the fact that he was a boy.For the following twenty years (1987 to 2007) he lived in a sexual legal limbo, still carrying the original-and-only, valid female I.D. He looked like a woman his anatomy had developed although he had breast he had no breasts milk glands, no child-bearing hips, no menses, sterility; he had male skeletal structure, male musculature, male libido, male genetic patterning, he was in no doubt trauma when he did not fit in the lesbian community nor in the hetero. He was not a person but instead an “item” an “it.

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