Déjame ir

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Summary: This poem is about a couple. In which the girl is a true lover and the boy is a gamer. The girl knows that the boy is just using her to showcase her in front of his friends. Despite the fact, she already knows his reality, she isn't able to let go of him. Her heart doesn't wants her to leave him. She knows that this kind of man can never change. But she have lost the worth of her words. The boy keeps emotionally blackmailing her so that she doesn't leaves him. The girl is trying her best to let go of him, but she is forced by her heart. The boy keeps bringing everything on her (Blaming her for every fight between them). The boy is using strategies against her warm golden heart. ( Note: To understand more, read the poem by yourself. As some things cannot be understood just by mere words, but are understood when you can relate. As this poetry has more to say. I hope you are able to take this poem the way I take it. )

Submitted: April 07, 2017

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Submitted: April 07, 2017



I am such a coward crow,

Threaded back to my toes,

I wonder how does it feels to walk,

Without fingers, so broken apart,

How it feels to jump from high,

Forgotten to pull the parachute,

Wrinkled face, true kind of work,

Accomplish whatever is impossible,

Hard it can be, to deny the wrong,

But the bad of which, destroys the all,

Running out of words to win,

Made me a criminal of your jail,

Devil have been waiting for all this time,

To pull me to the tormented grave,

Doomed me, to be doomed with you,

Wonder when you will let go,

I know you said, you really do care,

But lungs find no believe in the air,

For the sake of my love, I stay,

Loving you, still locked in your cage.

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