Fateful Departure (Further Evolution)

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I wrote this, in 2016. It's part of my 7th poem set, Opened Obstruct.

Submitted: April 07, 2017

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Submitted: April 07, 2017



I'm, leaving, this, memorial, location.

My, world, has bonded, with, my, weapon.

Bestowing, this, excelled, transformation.

The first, step, of, my, further, evolution.

I've realized, this, conclusion, it was, the beginning, of, my, fateful, departure.

I, see, now, I, had to, close, what, I, opened, in order, to become, more, powerful.

I'm, launching, once again, into, space, to see, if I, can find, other, intelligent, lifeforms.

Humanity's, leaders, refused to, contribute, or cooperate, with, my, request.

It was, to be, expected, and, it, has taken, me, a long, time, to fully, accept, it.

But, all, hope, is, gone, for, the things, that, I, originally, and initially, wanted.

However, I, have, hope, that, unknown, bountiful, opportunities, will be, presented.

There's, still, much, of, the universe, to be, unlocked, and uncovered.

I'm, sure, there are, different, species, out, there, to discover.

It seems, I'm, destined, to sink, back, into, the same, darkness.

In order, to try, to harness, a different, light, for, the universe.

I've made, my, fateful, departure, to gain, the rest, of, my, further, evolution.

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