He's not mine!

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this is a short article... a very short one about a girl who was in love with a guy who had a girlfriend. and he loved her too!

Submitted: April 07, 2017

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Submitted: April 07, 2017



I was being watched, I thought to myself. I turned around, hoping to catch the person unawares but I saw him smile at her and it was the most charming smile I had ever seen. He looked past her and stared at me, I stared back for a while and then I broke contact, I realized he was the one watching! I saw him approach where I sat, I thought he was going to walk past but he stood in front of me. He muttered a quiet "Hello" I refused to acknowledge his presence. His voice was calm and soothing. He sat and stared at me intensely, how rude! I felt his eyes pierce through me. Why wasn't he saying anything? He said some words, I raised up my head and smiled, he smiled back and tilted his head to the side.

Something was wrong.

He looked calm or should I say scared, there was something different. He asked me to walk, it seemed his words were enchanted as I stood up to follow him.

I wanted him to touch me, I could see the look in his eyes, the yearn, the lust, but he didn't. I couldn't, I couldn't touch him either. He looked angelic but I couldn't.

He wasn't mine to touch.

If only he would make the first move. I felt the breeze blow my hair to my face and I noticed him lift his hand but drop it back, if only he would touch me, I thought.

I couldn't wait any longer.

I kissed him, on his cheek, it was warm, my chest was beating fast, I wasn't thinking straight, I wanted his touch, his warmth, his breath was fast, I breathed heavily, I raised up my head, his eyes were closed, a lot of things through my head, I wanted his response, had I done wrong, was I wrong to kiss him?

I didn't care anymore.

I was going to kiss him on his lips, he pulled me closer and wrapped his arms around me. He did it! With eyes closed, I savored the warmth and taste of his lips. It was everything I had hoped.

It had just dawned on me, I actually liked him.

I pulled away, it had been long I felt like this but it was wonderful. I stayed there. His eyes looking at me intensely like he was trying to read me. I wish he could, I wish he knew what I wanted. I looked up and whispered something to him, it seemed right. That was all I wanted - just to feel him inside me.

I'm in love. I finally figured it out. It wasn't just lust. I've been in love from the very beginning.

He shut the door and switched off the lights. This is it. After so long. I hoped it would be everything I wished for. He undressed me slowly, taking his time to look at me, thinking I would change my mind. I wasn't going to!

This is what I've been waiting for.

I saw the way he looked at me while I was clad in only my undies. I felt shy. As He unhooked my bra, I could hear my heart beat faster, what if he wasn't impressed? I suddenly had goosebumps at the thought of it. I watched as he flinged it and stared at my breasts. His eyes widened. Was he impressed, I wondered. He pulled me closer and I smiled shyly.

He liked it.

He entered carefully, like he didn't want me to break. He started slowly and then harder as he went in and he thrust in even harder. I want more. I want more. My body yearned for more. I couldn't speak, I couldn't move. I was satisfied. He breathed heavily against my face as he came out once again slowly.

He looked, no stared, at every inch of me the sheets didn't cover, I noticed how he looked at me and smiled peacefully.

With legs and hands intertwined, I wanted to remain here and not move. I wanted to stay and enjoy the warmth I had finally found. But I couldn't for he wasn't mine

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