Sick As In Sick Chap 1

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One student plus one student equal three.

Submitted: April 07, 2017

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Submitted: April 07, 2017



I sneaked, I watched, twice checked this subject.

?He pulled off a gun. Three seconds passed. I shot first. Now subject is dead.

I got closer for a look. I smelled blood, alcohol coming from his last breath.

?Bastard, I said. I licked his blood and left.

If Mama knew. I said to myself. She would kill me right on the spot.

Just like I did with that bastard.

But if it wasn't for Mama I wouldn't be doing this job at all.

?Mother wanted me to go study medicine abroad. Europe. She used to tell me.

Go to England and become a doctor. So I did.

I was accepted at Medicine School in Machester, England.

Cool. I said. Mama was right.

?Imagine, all the fun I'll have here in England. I said. I slept like a bear that night.

Next morning I looked for a place to have breakfast.

I entered this small British coffee shop. What's for breakfast, I asked.

?Fish and chips, the lady said.

Fish and chips? I asked her. Yes, fish and chips. Take it or leave it, Yank. Said Lady.

Le me have black coffe, no sugar. I told The lady.

?Keep the fish and chips for your feloows Britons. I said, and left that place.

?Insdide the Campus I had plenty of time to think.

?On my first day on class I found out it was nice and easy. Plenty of pretty gals.

?Weeks in college were running fast. One day I noticed something.

?This other student, a male student got his eyes on me.

?I said to myself, he must be gay. With all these pretty girls in classroom, he's looking at me?

One afternoon I was at the hallway reading the bulletin board.

Do you have the guts? I heard this voice. I looked to my right. It was the gay man.

?Excuse me? I said. His voice trailed off. Don't fear the reapper. This guy said to me.?

?What the hell you're talking about? I asked him. I put all my senses on alert.

?My name is Rafael. He said. Raf what? I asked.

Ra-fa-el, is my name. He said again. I'm from Spain. You're an American. He said.

And what was all that shit you're talking about? I asked him.

What's your name? He asked. I looked straight into his eyes. Trying to figure out this guy.

I'm Tawney. I reply.

Nice to meet you Tawney. He said.

?Hey Rafil. I said.

Rafael, Rafael is my name. He corrected me. Okay Rafael. Are you gay? I asked him.

?Are you straight? Was Rafael's answer.

Okay Rafael, what the hell you want. I asked him.

I'm glad. Rafael said. Glad about what? I asked him.

Well, this time you got my name right. He said.

?And you want from me? Sex? I asked him. Rafael laughed. No, my friend.

I want no sex from you. He told me.

Then, what do you want? I asked him again. Rafael shook his head.

?From you I want little. Is what others wants from you. He said.

?I started to fix my fist. I want to punch this guy real good. Rafael is giving me a good reason to start punching his face.

?I'll be seeing you again. Goodbye Tawney. He told me.

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