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A mans live in WW1 told in and out of the trenches.

Submitted: April 07, 2017

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Submitted: April 07, 2017





I was taken from my home at 2:00 in the morning. I recognized many of the men I would be fighting with. We were all supposed to be brave men but I could still see the fear in their faces and without a doubt they could see mine. We were known to the older soldiers at fresh meat. While walking to get assigned we were given a glimpse into our future. So many of the men we walked past had injuries, but they still went out to war. We were trained very quickly so we could begin fighting right away.


As soon as we were done training we were led into the trenches and told to “Get comfy, this will be your home for a while”. When I thought of war I thought of only the fighting and not the men who were fighting. These men that were standing side by side with me had the most grief stricken faces I had ever laid eyes on. I hoped I would not look like that at the end of the war.

The first day was hell, we were stuck in the trenches, sweating, begging for fresh air, but there was no mercy. It was then my turn to fight, I held my gun up and shot. I had never killed someone till that day, I shook in fear. I had just taken a life away from someone probably like me, a man drafted, taken away from his wife and kids, forced to fight. Not only had I taken a life, for all I knew I had made a widow. All I could hear was firing and I knew I had to keep firing to, by the end of the day I had taken countless lives. These faces that I killed would now haunt me for the rest of my life.


It had been a week and all has gotten worse. Every day I was forced to shoot fathers, husbands, and sons. I had to step over the bodies of my fellow friends and soldiers. I stepped over them and fought like it was nothing, but the truth was every body I stepped over took a piece of my heart and every life that I took grabbed at my soul. I felt I had forgotten the faces of my wife and children. I asked myself everyday if I would ever remember my family’s faces or even see them again. Time went on and my hope faded away. Killing had become second nature to me. I knew though there was a few parts of my soul left, at least enough to keep me human.


It had been months and all I had done was kill, finally I got a break. My break was spent burying my fellow soldiers. I would dig and dig knowing that I would just have to dig some more since people are dying by the second. One day I was hammering a headstone in to the ground when I noticed what it said. The cross said nothing, all I could think was, “Was this person nothing”. I was burying a man, a man that will not return to his family. His family will not know what had happened to him. All the time I was digging the only thing I could think was, “This man fought bravely, but now no one will know who he was, all that will be left of him is this blank grave amongst the rest of the nobodys”. I felt I would become one of therese nobodys, my wife will be left alone, my children will be fatherless, and I would be a nobody.


Back in the trench I fought not even knowing if the cause I was fighting for was worth the lives paid. I see my friends go off into no man’s land and never return. I would kill people I don't even know, but I would know one thing about them, I would be the last image in this world they would ever see. No matter how wounded I was I kept fighting, fighting the war, and fighting to live as a human.

One morning It was my turn to venture into no man's land. I looked at my friends and the expression on their faces. I would never forget those expressions. Each one's face said, “We’ll miss you”. I followed a line of men out of the trenches. At that moment I understood why it was called no man's land, all the men that die there become unknown. I figured out then that I wanted to be a nobody, because at least I would have a grave, instead I am an unknown.


I fired into the distance hearing the muffled screams, then I heard my own scream. It took me a moment to figure out I was shot. I was bleeding into the already red grass. Blinding pain filled my body as the soldier who shot me looked straight into my eyes. I thought “No, this man will not be the last image I see in this world.” I used all my strength to remember the faces of my family. Trying to hang on to every detail, My wife, Maddie's, curly black hair, My children's smiles. Suddenly everything went red.

Now here I am, I now really do know why this place is called no man's land, It is because you come in as someone but you stay as a no one. I am here looking at by body being trampled by other soldiers fighting for their lives. I do not get to go to eternal rest, instead I get to walk no man's land for all eternity. Watching the war rage on and watching men fight for their lives. All I can do is hope for their sakes they do not end up like me, hoping if they do die, they get peace. I am a nobody, I never mentioned my name because no one knows my name, not even me anymore.

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