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Sometimes special measures must be taken to take up the battle against crime.

Submitted: April 07, 2017

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Submitted: April 07, 2017



Book One






Zaviar Bonneville


 B-Town is designated as an International Safe Community by the World Health Organization. And it's basically a true claim, but don't kid yourself. In B-town and across the region of Peel crime thrives.....Always has and always will, just like any other big city. But our finest never gives up the battle to keep our streets as safe as humanly possible.....even if it takes extra-ordinary measures. That is why the combined decision of our City leaders agreed to create Special Task Force One. Few know who they are or how they operated....save that they work under-cover and covertly in the dark underworld of crime....and....corruption.....as close to the limits of the law as necessary....all in the effort to keep the streets and homes of the BGA as safe as possible.... and with over a million people from every conceivable walk of life that can prove difficult.

Special Task Force One was originally created to resolve a single....devastating case....but....

This is what happened.................


So it began.

It was the last day of January, just coming on the hour of nine pm. A light snow was falling. Mason Dale had put on his skates to do a few relaxing turns around the circular rink. He had it all to himself....at least he thought that and had left his shoulder bag by the bench...thinking it was safe. But it was a foolish notion because for people like him nothing could be looked at as safe.

It had been ages since Dale had found time just to break from his hectic world.....let down his hair.....so to speak and relax. The world of criminal law trial lawyers quickly embraced the players....especially the ones like Mason Dale whose portfolio of cases included mostly powerful individuals doing a balancing act between legal and criminal. That usually meant Dale had access to information held sacred under the client-lawyer confidentiality protocols....which had kept him relatively safe on both sides of the law. A state of existence he depended on.

Stanton Brigons had never out-right lied to Mason Dale....though he usually bent the truth to the breaking point. But this time things were different. There had never been a corpse in the morgue with Stanton Brigons name all over it and the only thing he would say about it was.... "You will just have to believe me Mason. I did not murder anyone."

Mason Dale believed his client. The man was too damn smart to pull a stunt like killing someone himself. On the other hand it was not beyond him to hire a.....Hit Man.... Mason wondered if such terms were still used in the dark underworld of the city.....or if they ever had.

It was all lawyer confidentially.......and....I believe you Mr. Brigons though no one else seems to....until Jim Ivers.....Dales Private Investigator came up with some information that turned everything upside down.....Information that proved Stanton Brigons had in-fact hired someone to kill Allision Buren.......Brigons Confidential Secretary. Allison knew everything and when she threaten her boss to go to the police.....well......it was a dumb thing to do......

So now you are thinking....where is the mystery?

Well....I will get to that as soon as I tell you what happened while Mason was going around in circles on the Gage Park rink and in his mind.

Mason was on his 6th turn around the rink when a woman stepped onto the ice.....seemingly out of nowhere......which was accurate because Mason had not been paying attention to the peripherals of his eye sight. He did in fact almost run her down and would have... had she not yelled...."Hey ....Look out." Mason swerved just in time then sheared the ice as he came to an abrupt halt in order to apologize to the woman.

"I am...." were the last words he ever spoke. A shot rang out and he crumpled to the ice....dead before he hit the ground. A second later another unseen visitor......just a shadow really....slipped away quickly....silently from his hide in the shadows of the band shell.

The woman looked at the neat little hole in Mason Dale's forehead....checked his pulse then was gone back into the shadows where she had come from.....Mason's shoulder bag was gone as well.

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