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Submitted: April 07, 2017

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Submitted: April 07, 2017




Alonso Bringas

Ms. Colis

English P6

April 4, 2017


“You only get three choices in life: give in, give out or give it all you got.”(Title Club). First and foremost, boxing is one of the oldest and most popular sports in the world continuously performed with honor and respect. It is a sport for entertainment, fame, and most importantly, it is a way of life. Through time, this sport has changed in many different ways and can be both practiced and seen in accordance with the viewer.

Stories change from generation to generation, until they reach a point when they are almost unrecognizable, the same can be said for boxing. Boxing is a sport that began even before Christ was born, in fact, the birthplace was Crete Island, Greece, where it began as a organized debt settler.  When men had problems they would settle them by fighting. Hence, boxing became very popular and entertaining for people. Greeks would now fight for passion and honor. As the sport spread throughout the whole mediterranean, the rules began to change. The Egyptian civilization used boxing to entertain their guest with slaves and the match was not settled until one was dead or could not fight any longer. (Smith) Time passed, fist fights became a beating game for the Romans. Slaves would fight in arenas for glory and power with which came their freedom, yet at the collapse of the Roman empire and the spread of Christianity, boxing disappeared. Walls)

As time went by, boxing came back to the light and was first officially registered as a sport in the United Kingdom in 1681. In this version, the sport was more brutal and had fewer rules that applied. London became the boxing capital. People from many parts of the world came seeking fame, and glory. Fighters did not use protective equipment and did not follow common rules. (Balthazar) At first, boxing became a gentleman's sport with respect and honor. Poisoned by people's ambition, the organized crime took over the business.

Nowadays, professional boxers are blinded by fame and money. Boxing champions do not know how to spend their money, as Mike Tyson demonstrates. Tyson lost all of his money due to poor decision making. He had a good, healthy life, he became drunk with money and began spending it almost unconsciously. El Chihuas, a Mexican professional boxer, stated:  “Many champions fall into the influence of drugs and alcohol. Some fall into a deeper hole when they have a taste of money and fame.” (Lamazón)

Despite the few disturbing elements of professional boxing, there are still some people who are loyal to the primary pillars of the sport, like “El Charro”. El Charro is one of the most recognized boxers in Monterrey, and owns one of most successful boxing gyms in the city. He became passionate about boxing when he realized it is not only a sport, but also a way of life. Boxing taught him many life lessons that he could not have learned anywhere else. Since it is not a team sport, boxing makes the athletes independent and teaches them to be themselves against the world, and that one can only fight alone. El Charro once said,

When I came to Monterey, there weren’t many boxing gym’s and I decided to start my own. People started to come here from all social classes. I would charge them the amount that they could pay. I remember when I was young that the gym was not only a place I came to train. It was also like a second home for me. I wanted to give the opportunity to everyone to learn how to box and all the lessons that come with it.” (Ruiz)

  Boxing is a sport, a hobby and a way of entertainment, but to some, a lifestyle. Boxing has changed throughout history. It all began as a depth settler and became a multimillion sport worldwide. Discipline, conduct, health, happiness and inner peace are the fundamentals of boxing.  “It’s not about how hard of a hit you can give. It about how much you can take and keep moving forward” (Balboa).

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