Quit Smoking, Stay Healthy

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If you like to smoke tobacco then you should find a cigarette which is not harmful to health, and is a completely safe product for use.


I managed to quit smoking some eleven years ago and I can now declare with confidence that I finally got rid of the injurious habit.

It was a very tough call. After smoking for over two decades it is almost an insurmountable task to give up smoking while those around us freely smoke and especially the celebrities whom we greatly admire, (Clint Eastwood in those classic Western movies and Arnold Schwarzenegger despite his monumental image of a legendary health and fitness icon...).

Here is the trick that I had successfully used. I took a photo of my daughter on her first birthday and wrote on it, "Baba, you'll not smoke now. Can you do it for your daughter?". It was my first birthday gift to her (Of course we gave her something else as well)

Every time I had that strong urge to smoke (Almost all the time) I used to take a look at her photo and asked myself, "Can't I do it for my daughter?" and all the time the answer was in affirmative. It was a constant battle between an old and stubborn habit and my will power, supported by a solemn pledge.

i did not succeed the first time to be very honest, and the monstrous habit returned after few years but I managed to keep it under control so as to refrain from exceeding a strictly enforced daily quota. 

The second phase was not that tough and I finally managed to gain full control of my senses. Remember, you must always be the boss and no addiction should ever be able to make you surrender. One trick is to suppress the urge and then smoke when the craving is no longer pressing. That act of consistently overcoming the craving would give you spurts of confidence and sense of control which would eventually help you win the battle against a very poweful enemy.

Quitting smoking may not prolong your life but it would certainly improve it. There are many disadvantages of smoking and there is only one advantage or the reason for that matter,YOU ENJOY IT. Some say that smoking sharpens the mind but again the cost outweighs the benefits.

Do you like to enjoy at the cost of your health and the future of your dependents? Don't forget, you are not free to do whatever you like. Think about those who love you. If your health goes down then not only you but your loved ones will suffer as well. God forbid if that happens and prolongs, then it could destroy their lives. 

If that scenario ever develops then it would mean that you are either a person who doesn't really care about others including your loved ones, or you are very wise and know precisely as to how to strike a balance in life. That being an exceptional case and applies to knowledgable people, like medical doctors, psychiatrists or perhaps those who are very rich.

That said, a life worth living is the one lived for others, esp your family.

My humble suggestion; all smokers should try to quit smoking. There are various approaches to it, quit it all of a sudden, gradually cut down on number of cigarettes and substitution etc.

Approach: I would advise you continue smoking the same number of cigarettes a day but smoke only half of each cigarette. Keep reducing it until you take only three puffs max. Then start reducing the number of cigarettes per day. Read articles about the hazards of smoking and chew something like chewing gum or nuts etc., AND, drink cold water when craving gets to your head.

Keep a picture showing the hazards of smoking, something visible and factual. The best is a photo of Barb Tarbox as a tribute to her and a strong reminder that you owe something to her, to your family and to this world; a healthy environment and a bright future.

An Honest Confession: I at times feel like smoking again and intensely miss the old habit, and you know what I do, I smoke in imagination and feel relaxed and fulfulled. See, great enjoyment at absolutely no cost!????

Smoking in imagination!! What an absurd logic, right! No Sir, when I used to smoke, the nicotine was in my bloodstream and craving was for real. Now when I feel like smoking it is not real, a mere imaginary addiction, basically an old habit which can now be effectively satiated by an imaginary activity. You see the logic! 

Post Script: I used to have sporadic pain in my chest and casually regarded it as effects of indigestion. After quitting smoking, I felt it only once or twice initially and then it was completely gone. 

See, you get immediate health benefits.


Submitted: April 07, 2017

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