Suicide Is Preventable!

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The suicide committed by one person is not merely the end of one life, it shatters a family, a community and is therefore the responsibility of the entire global community to help prevent such an unfortunate incident.


Every year almost eight hundred thousand people die from suicide, and ironically a sizeable percentage of all suicides take place in the Western countries especially the Western Europe. That very fact is contrary to a general perception that people living in Western Europe are  quite prosperous and therefore very happy and one wonders why they take their own lives?

Suicide takes more lives than murder and war put together. There are statistics, analyses, and suggestions, and of course genuine worries to do something to prevent such a dangerous trend and to understand the reasons and drivers behind the fatal tendency. It is estimated that the horrendous figure could rise by fifty percent in the next 10 years or so.

The situation seems more horrific when we look at the estimated number of people who attempt to take their own life but the attempts fortunately are not successful and result in injuries and trauma for the person and those around him or her. To our horror, such number runs anywhere between 10 to 20 million each year but there is no reliable data to gauge the extent of that global menace.

So we see the magnitude of the problem. It is indeed an epidemic and must be controlled before it assumes a shape of its own and transforms into some kind of a cult. Remember, you can sell anything if you know how and more worriedly the misconception that suicide rate tends to increase with age has been proven wrong. 

There has recently been an alarming worldwide increase in suicidal behavior among young people aged 15 to 29 according to the WHO and is now the second leading cause of death globally in that age group.

It is our utmost responsibility to save our children and elders from such doomed fate, and what a waste indeed!

It is interesting to note that the suicide rate is very low in the Muslim, Asian and Latin American societies with the exception of India and China which account for 30 percent of global suicides. overall about 78 percent of global suicides occur in low and middle income countries. If you compare the high rate Vs low rate societies you can draw your own conclusions but the issue on hand is to initiate the debate, grasp severity of the problem, learn about similarities, identify the motives and drivers and how can the core problems be resolved in order to eventually curb the gargantuan menace. To improve, we need to first measure.

It is always nice to learn and adopt the best practices no matter where they come from.

To me it seems to be more of a communication issue than anything else and there are various underlying drivers that trigger the suicidal tendency in people. I am not touching upon the mental health issues as I have no knowledge about that area. In my view, following are the possible remedies in general, or these actions may reduce the chances of occurences;

* Reduce access to means of suicide, like keeping firearms and pesticides under lock and control.

* Have absolute faith in God, Humanity, Fraternity, Love, Wildlife, Education, Environment or anything that you believe deserves it. That conviction shows you a clear path to follow and a stark realization that life has a definite purpose.

* The most powerful remedy is to have faith in God with an unwavering belief that our stay on this planet is temporary and that one must live this life well. That basically implies that we must contribute and create value, no matter how small.

* Try to have a joint family system. If that is not possible then create some kind of a well-connected community group of friends and relatives. If even that is an impossible task for you then join such a group but make sure that it is actually a group of people where they meet in person, not a virtual group. Ok, even if that is a problem due to any reasons whatsoever then join a virtual group.There are apps available that help you build such groups on your computer or cellphone if you want that, if not, just join any group where you personally know at least some of the members. If you personally don't know anybody in that group then invite some of your friends. The purpose of that move is to ensure that your mind accepts it as real.

* Make a purpose in life. To decide 'what', is your sole prerogative. For example, you may decide that you will give some time of the day or week or the month, to say, creating awareness against wars and manufacture and stockpiling of weapons of mass destruction, to conserve nature, to protect animals from abuse or from risk of extinction, or to impart education to those who need it etc.

* Make at least one such friend with whom you can share almost anything, even your darkest secrets.

* Try to be an extrovert, if that is not possible then at least open up and share your worries with others, even if that is a problem then share it with members of serious online discussion forums where you can hide your true identity and find wise, sincere, highly qualified and experienced advisers who can help you without taking any money, so don't miss a free checkup and consultation! And one important advice here, identify the 'sound', or 'trolls' and simply ignore them.

* Get involved in community work. If it is hard for you to associate with an organization then do it on your own. Clean your area, or organize your house, do dusting, water plants etc. etc.

* Feed animals and birds. Take care of plants. Help people especially those who are in crisis. Respect others and create bonds with those around you, especially your family and friends.

* Smile often. When you meet people, greet them with a smile. When you speak to someone on the telephone, smile. If you are alone, smile.

And now time to ponder;

Is this your life? Did you give it to yourself? So it's not yours, really! It was given to you, right! So you can't take it. Just remember that. Be a professional and decide it at least once in your lifetime.

* Exercise regularly and praise yourself often to enhance your inner and outer beauty.

* Read good literature and try to write, especially poetry.

* Dissolve turmeric (One quarter of a teaspoon) with some black pepper in warm water and drink it early morning, at least three times a week. If your mornings are hectic then take it before going to bed. 

* Pray.

Spread optimism; it may or may not cure others but it will cure you for sure.

Remember, don't frantically run after pleasure, seek happiness, because that is what you really need in life.


Submitted: April 07, 2017

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