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Submitted: April 07, 2017

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Submitted: April 07, 2017



Dear Jules,

I am leaving, please do not tell dad even though I doubt he will even notice that I am gone. Jules, you and I have been best friends for years so this is hard for me too but I know some day we will reunite. Also take care of Matt while I am gone he will be the one to notice my absance. I love you all dearly but I want to be with mom and dad will never let me leave.

Your broken-hearted sister, Scarlet

I know it is terrible that I have to tell my only sister that I am leaving through a letter. But what can you do when you mom leaves and your dad won't let you see her? My sister Jules and I are twins and we are 13 I hope mom lets me stay, I'm already on a train. "Where is your ticket miss?" the conductor asks "Funny story about that, I uh lost it." I say. "Well I guess I'll have to let you off at the next stop young lady." she says walking away "Wait" I say reaching out to grab her "I'm on my way to see my mom." I say.

"Well do you know where she lives?" she asks getting concerned "Well sorta, she sent me a text saying the location but I don't know where this train's going. I just bought the most inexpensive ticket." I confess. "Well let's get you another ticket miss" she says, apparently this train is going only two miles away from where my mom lives. After a long ride the train stops the conductor wakes me up and says "Good luck miss" "you can call me Scarlet miss" I say "oh I'm Millie, nice to meet you Scarlet." Millie says. I get of the train and start walking huh, it's only sunset when I get there, I knock on the door. An older lady answers "can I help you" she says "Yes, are you Cathrine Goodwell?" I ask "No, she's the previous owner" She says. "oh" is all I can say my heart is pounding so hard I think it might explode I run as fast as I can to the station I have enough money to make it home. Millie is on this train too,good very good I con't let anyone else see me cry. "What's wrong Scarlet, you're crying." She says "My mom wasn't there apparently she moved two months ago." I cry letting the tears stream down my face. I fall asleep again and Millie wakes me up again,I bolt out and race home.

It's noonish by time I get there, there are mover everywhere "Miss this is private property, we're demolishing this place in one hour." the worker growles at me. Oh no my mom's not there my dad's not there Jules and Matt left they all left. My world is crashing I don't know if I'll survive this. 

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