The Dangers of a Bottle

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Submitted: April 07, 2017

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Submitted: April 07, 2017



The girl recently understood the dangers of alcohol and why people often turn to it for an escape.


For the girl, she became who she wanted to be, who she should be. The magic potion got rid of her depression, the depression that so strongly gripped her and held her down. With the potion, she became more social. She became happier. She became friendlier. She talked more and laughed more. She loved life more.

However, it also turned her into something she did not want to be. Even though she was happier and friendlier, her filter was blurred, as poison does do to people. She found that when she had the poison inside of her, she seemed to offend her friends more and she seemed to somehow hurt them more. She would tell people things she shouldn’t have and she would accidentally take a joke too far.

For the girl did not want to hurt her friends. Her friends meant more to her than her own happiness. However, she was always torn for when the poison wore off, she would cease to feel anything. Her depression would creep back in and take a hold of her. It was harder for her to be happy. It was harder for her to be social. It was harder for her to make friends. It was harder for her to love life.

For the girl so desperately wanted to find a middle ground. She knew that if it were not for the depression then she would perhaps be more social. She would perhaps be friendlier. She would perhaps love life more. She would perhaps be able to have more control over her filter. She would perhaps not say things she regretted. She would perhaps not hurt her friends.

But the girl didn’t think she could ever find a middle ground, for she had had depression follow her around for nearly 10 years with no end in sight. No therapy seemed to help. No pills seemed to help. The only thing that seemed to help was the magic potion. The potion that cured her depression. The potion that made her happy. The potion that made her feel things. The potion that made her love life. But the potion was poison- for it not only hurt other people but in the end it would hurt her.

For the girl eventually realized that she was stuck. She could not ever be on a middle ground, only a lower or higher. She knew the only things that could help her get out of her depression were two things- both of which she couldn’t choose from. Rather, the girl did not want to choose. For either if she chose the bullet or the poison her friends would get hurt, and she was aware of that. Even though the girl had trouble choosing, the girl always knew which option would be final. No matter how many times she returned to her magic little potion, her poison, she knew that the poison was temporary. It would always be temporary.

For the girl needed an option that would not be temporary. She needed something that would be finalized. Something that would end her depression, something that, even though it may hurt her friends, it would only hurt them once, rather than multiple times over and over again. For the girl knew that she never had a future. The girl always knew that in the end, the bullet would prevail. She knew that she could never find a middle ground, especially because she was always constantly going between the lower ground and the higher. The girl knew she was trapped, and the poison assured that. The girl also knew, or rather so believed, that for her, the only way out was the bullet.


For the girl, upon choosing to escape this torment, finally understood the dangers of alcohol and how it affects people.

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