Living Outside the Box

Living Outside the Box

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy



Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy



This is a silly story born from my lonely moments when I needed something to make me laugh! I hope it makes you giggle too!
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This is a silly story born from my lonely moments when I needed something to make me laugh! I hope it makes you giggle too!

Chapter1 (v.1) - "Because I love Her So"

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First chapter!! woohoo! If its confusing, bear with me... all will be revealed! Do comment with any questions though!

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 07, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 07, 2017



Her bare feet crunched as leaves crumpled apart; leaving a trail like fairie dust. She felt alive and exhilarated as she ran through the forest. Birds chirped overhead, squirrels scolded her trampling on their carpet. Her pace would have been brutal for most humans, even so called 'athletes'. Good thing Peeksie wasn't human.

Oh no, she was something above and beyond boring humans. Even though she had started that way, she grew into herself and became an extraordinary  fairie that would lead an amusing and adventurous life.

Today was going to be especially interesting.  Still running, she tried to control her breathing.  In, out. In, out. Repeat, she told herself as she reached the end of the forest before she realized that she was late.

Peeksie was known for her habit of spying- on everyone. She's one of those fairies, who looked over everyone's shoulders as they text and knew seemingly every about anyone- what book they're reading, who they last contacted, they're date of birth and lots more. Like ALOT more.

How do I know?  Because I'm Peeksie's Twone, or in human speak, twin sister. I'm known to some as Vixanne, a nickname from an old lover that caught on.
We're not only closer than humans can imagine,  we also have a telepathic bond which let's me see- more like forces me to process- the same information she does in the back of my mind, constantly.  I know as soon as she does, all the juicy gossip she collects like others do momentos. It also gives me the weirdest dreams.

All that to say, I knew as soon as Peeksie turned around and started heading back to spy on her favorite victim-  me.

See, while we share everything,  we can also keep some things to ourselves. Picture the link my sister and I have a free flowing river. The information is constantly flowing,  but you can stem some water  temporarily by throwing a blockade.

If you did it right you could keep secrets for years. On the other hand, often times information would leak through regardless. It could be rather hard to control, but makes for a fun game.

It's my own fault she came to spy on me. I couldn't help myself,  what would YOU do if you had a sister who not only lived in your head part time and thus knew anything private about you but also asked pushy questions constantly to make sure she didn't miss any juicy detail? She'd probably rifle through my head all day like fancy humans with their magazines if she could.

She was a spy, a chatterbox, a nuisance and also a sister I love dearly. And it's because I love her so that I mess with her sometimes. Just a little bit, I couldn't help myself even if I wanted to.

It happened like this. We were having a snack of berries and nuts on our favorite rock in a clearing of our forest when she asked: "What are you doing next week?" This was a fairly regular question from my sister, she asks every Fayridé (Friday in human speak).

I replied, just to intrigue her: "Why do you want to know?"

There was silence for one second,  and the two, and then....

"No! Dont play with me!  Tell me now! I want to know! Right now!!! (She's whining at this point)  Sister of mine pretty please please tell me! Im dying not knowing! !!!"

I managed to keep a straight face while denying her profuse rages and pleas for half an hour. She sulked, then tried to pretend she didn't care when it was clear she was plotting a scheme. I would have been able to tell by her face even if she hadn't been projecting her thoughts. Very loudly.

Id been able to distract her all week and it was Fayridé- I mean Friday- again. Honestly my favorite day! Both humans and fairies party, so I could melt from one world to another dancing and merrymaking as I please.  Of course,  fairies always party so its no different for them.

Peeksie was running and running while I had a cup of herbal tea. I wait until she was a few minutes away, and send her an image of me leaving.  I've gotten her thinking if I Didnt send her a mental signal after my sending that I had dropped my shields  and revealed a secret. If only she  knew I was playing her like a fiddle. I've been progressing lots and lots thanks to Westley, our older brother.

Hee hee, its so much fun to trick her. I set off, wandering aimlessly in the human city called Chee-cah-go, a native told me. Strange name, fitting for humans.  They can be very strange, as well as amusing.

I went  down yet another boringly gray street, seemingly identical to the others. I zigged, then zagged, zigging and blending into the crowds, forcing my sister to track me down the old fashion way- with faerie magic, what fun!

I know, I'm a faerie,  how do humans not see how magnificently magical I am? Well There's two main reasons. One, they're oblivious. They place their entire life in various,  simply explained boxes and anything that doesn't fit into those "real" and "possible" categories simply don't exist.

Secondly, most faeries have a glamour. That's a type of magic that works like a second skin we build with our imagination  and wear over our original skins like makeup. See, even though I'm an old biddy I keep up to date with human matters.

I start jogging, looking behind me, not because I was afraid she's coming but because I wanted to make it LOOK LIKE I was, when I collided with a soft surface encasing steel. I turned back and saw a human. A pretty one.

He was a male with a crows_black hair and moss green eyes. He made me think of flying and I forget my game, and for a fleeting second I forget everything else too-my shields to keep my sister out, that hes human, that I wasn't I just saw those eyes.

The moment faded when I noticed  the smirk.  Admittedly,  it was a very nice smirk, however it was at that instant my brain woke up and pointed out that I somehow ended on top of him with his hands on my waist and my right hand in a very... Interesting place.  

Unfortunately, my sister was screeching: "I found you! I found you!" in my head like a mad magpie. She could possibly be more annoying than those jealous, greedy wretches of a flying species.

I smiled back at those laughing eyes and run off before the moment could be utterly ruined by either the pretty one speaking or my sister catching up.

And yes... Before you ask, I did squeeze, but just a little.

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