Rebecca Right

Rebecca Right

Status: In Progress

Genre: Action and Adventure



Status: In Progress

Genre: Action and Adventure



A young woman named Rebecca Forest lives in the quiet setting of Green City before her life is turned upside down. The peaceful city slowly becomes a beacon for criminals, super villains and heroes alike and the longer the turmoil plagues it's streets, the more Rebecca Forest has her true identity revealed. She has other things in mind though and its wanting to live a normal life and be left alone. Follow Rebecca as she tries to cope with her friends, chaos around her and even just herself, living in a messed up world.
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A young woman named Rebecca Forest lives in the quiet setting of Green City before her life is turned upside down. The peaceful city slowly becomes a beacon for criminals, super villains and heroes alike and the longer the turmoil plagues it's streets, the more Rebecca Forest has her true identity revealed. She has other things in mind though and its wanting to live a normal life and be left alone. Follow Rebecca as she tries to cope with her friends, chaos around her and even just herself, living in a messed up world.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Her name is Rebecca

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 07, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 07, 2017



“So, what do you think is the cause of our forests dying over the course of the last few years?”

“Well, while there is no define answer to the cause and the fact that the phenomena is a slow spread appearing all over the world, it is certain that the forests aren’t the only things being affected. Snowcaps, deserts and even the ocean has seen a decrease in sea level and farmlands unable to grow anything.”

“Seeing as there is no exact reasoning as to why it is happening, can we assume that there is nothing we can do to prevent the spread?”

“As far as we know, there is not. However, the speed of this phenomena varies. One year we had a forest completely die off by Red City and another year we had only lost a few miles to a forest near Orange City and an entire lake dry up by Blue City. So, if we were to discern…”

A voice suddenly chimed in. “Can you turn this off?”

It belonged to a woman and the two voices earlier had belonged to a television news channel. The light illuminating from the TV was the only light source in the small room before being shut off sending everything into pitch black minus the moonlight coming through the window.

“Thank you, James…” The woman whispered softly.

“Sorry, Rebecca. A little background noise never hurt, you know?” A man whispered.

The two were in bed and under the covers, panting and moaning into each other, quietly continuing their sexual acts until suddenly Rebecca stopped moving and eventually asked him to stop. Rebecca was breathing heavily as she laid there while James had rolled off and collapsed next to her. Both were staring up at the ceiling.

“Is everything okay?” James said quietly as he looked over at Rebecca who was staring blankly into the ceiling. “Rebecca?”

“I’m not sure…” She started. “Maybe we should stop seeing each other like this. We can’t be friends with benefits our whole lives and it’s wrong for you to keep coming here every time you and your girlfriend get into a fight. I should be the one to tell you everything will be alright between you and her and you go back home and everything will be back to normal. Instead you come here, we talk, we start getting close and eventually we just fuck. This isn’t the kind of friendship I thought we would have after all these years.”

“If it bothers you so much why do you continue to have sex with me?”

Rebecca went silent. She had an answer but she didn’t want to share. Rebecca only rolled over onto her stomach, head facing the far wall, as she pulled the covers over her body. She would only be lying to herself if she didn’t say she enjoyed it just as much as he did. The touch of another person was an amazing feeling to her.

“Your stubbornness is cute.” James said suddenly.

“Shut up.”

“Don’t be cranky with me…” Laughing quietly, James lifted the blankets and crawled beneath them.

Rebecca looked out of the corner of her eyes towards where he might be. She could feel him moving beneath the covers as if he was digging into a hole to hide but his actions were concealed. Then she felt his hands caressing her lower back. While the actions they are doing are obviously wrong to Rebecca, she wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to get the feeling like she was important, even if it was for a night. 

The following day couldn’t have come any sooner as the sun came blaring in and shining right into Rebecca’s face. Her eyebrows furrowed as she cringed, rolling and taking the entire blanket with her to cocoon herself back into hibernation. It didn’t last as the warmth where James had laid was cold. Thrusting her arm up to throw the blanket aside, James was gone, leaving in the early morning like any other time he comes to visit.

“Go figure…” Rebecca sighed to herself before scanning the empty room. “Back to his girl to make amends and once again I’m here being used to fulfill his sexual fantasies when he fucks up.” The sound of her saying such a thing caused her to frown deeply before covering her face into her palms. "And yet I let him. God, I feel like such a fucking whore."

Deciding to do something with her day, Rebecca managed to crawl out of bed and making her way around her one bedroom apartment. It wasn't glamourous. Aside from her room which held her bed, dresser and TV; her living room had a couch and a long coffee table in the middle with nothing but the kitchen appliances in the kitchen. There was a pile of clothes here and some dishes there. It's not like she is lazy but insists she'll do it later.
Standing in front of her bathroom mirror, Rebecca got a good look at herself and there stood a woman who was about twenty-six years old and just had a rough night sleeping after having sex with her best friend behind his girlfriend’s back. Long messy raven black hair that touched her shoulder blades and emerald sharp eyes that had that spiteful look when told she was wrong.  And with a slender athletic build with lightly tanned skin, Rebecca was the definition of pretty. Her breasts were small barely showing off in her white tank top but it made for easy days since she could get away without wearing a bra. Her pouty lips were evident as she let out a sigh before turning on the faucet and washing away the sleep from her eyes and when the water was wiped dry there she stood...

This was Rebecca Forest…

Isn't wasn't long before Rebecca was opening and shutting cabinet doors, muttering about needing to go shopping for food but argued with herself about having to go out in public and dealing with people to do so. "I guess I can go another day without eating. It's not like I haven't gone days without eating anyways," Rebecca told herself as she let a cabinet slam shut. Standing there for moment she groaned. "Aw shit... I have work today..."

As the morning went on, the city of Green was beginning to awake as well as people starting to stir and move about the streets. Green is as the name suggests, it is a large city with a vast park in the center known as Luttemburg Park or Luttemburg’s Woods. The greenery took up at least 70% of the entire city with most of the trees elevated higher than the building minus the large businesses and corporations and towering skyscrapers. It's always busy and is used as a central hub for gatherings as well as travelling as trolleys go straight through in all directions with the larger tall skyscrapers and businesses lying in the outer edges of Green City and the smaller suburban areas closer inward to the park to allow families easier access. As the trolleys began to shuttle its denizens to their destinations a loud clang echoed through the air. This was the capitol building of City Green and it always rings at eight in the morning and eight at night. In fact, every city has a bell that does the same and is often used as a means of starting and ending your day.

"Hope I'm not late..." Rebecca says to herself as she pops a stick of gum in her mouth.

Rebecca wore a large green beanie on her head with her hair, a mess, hidden underneath. She wore a blue and black striped shirt with a dark brown coat over top of it with tight blue jeans and a pair of red sneakers on. She wasn't exactly a fashionista and yet she didn't care as much as other women do. In fact, she was considered very attractive by many men but hardly noticed the stares and comments as she passes by regardless of what she wore. The young woman was more concerned going on about her day.

"Maybe they'll just cancel work today and let me go home. It's not like we're really busy or anything." Rebecca continued to talk to herself as she shoved her hands into her coat pockets.

Rebecca didn't live very far from her work so she just walked daily. In fact, she doesn't even own car so her means of transportation was limited. Despite this, she uses this to stay in shape even though her negativity towards people often leads to awkward conversations with other on goers.

"Hey! Rebecca!" Another young girl shouted from the doors of a small grocery store, "Get Mart!", who was also Rebecca's best friend.

"Good morning, Alice." Rebecca waved slightly as Alice smiled.

 Alice was a small framed girl with brunette hair and freckles all over her face. She wore blue overall shorts and a white and orange polka dotted shirt with sandals. Alice spoke softly despite her rather outgoing personality and very social with her hands. The smile on her face was the pinnacle of the grocery store which complemented its homely manner.

"It's good to see you! How have you been? Looks like you had another rough night."

"Ever astute my dear Alice. Ever astute."

Alice laughed. "You spent the night with James, again didn't you?"

Rebecca stared daggers. "Why do I even share that kind of information with you? It's like you go out of your way to try and make me feel bad about the whole situation!" Waving her hands, she stormed inside to get ready for the day.

"I couldn't help it! Sometimes I wish it was you and James who were together! You guys are so cute together!" Alice followed her friend into the store. "Who knows, maybe one day he and his girlfriend will break up and he will see that you have always been there for him when it mattered."

"No offense to James but I don't think I would actually date him even if he was single. Just by him coming to me and having a relaxing fuck night isn't exactly trustworthy dating material, you know?"

"At least he's cute?"

The two-chit chatted back and forth as they opened the shop. Setting up displays and signs and opening the windows. Throwing on their work aprons and nametags, the two women were ready for the day. An hour had passed and not a single customer came.

"God, I swear I need a new job." Rebecca groaned as she rested her chin in the palm of her hands from behind the counter.

"Easy money though. Mr. Galfon doesn’t complain a whole lot about us just standing around and being on our phones." Alice chuckled as she grabbed a remote and pointed it at the store's TV in the office. It sprung to life and immediately to the news channel.

"You. You being on your phone. I don't see how you can be on it as much as you are."

Alice pouted as her fingers began jolting back and forth across the screen of said phone. "Don't judge! I need my phone for a source of news and communication with my friends and family!"

"And yet there's a TV right there and you can easily go visit said people but the populace of the world has their faces glued to small devices. Take away the reality of life and put in a box."

"That sounds awfully philosophical of you, Rebecca." Alice laughed as she continued to play on her phone.

Sighing, Rebecca turned her attention towards the TV. Talking to Alice seemed to fall on deaf ears the longer she focused on her phone and before long it was like talking to a wall.

"Scientists still haven't found a reason for the cause of the phenomenon occurring around the world and they vow to work together across all fronts to solve this. Even the Patriots have decided to step up in their actions to do their best in preventing criminals and super villains from taking advantages across the city fronts."

Rebecca perked a brow. "The Patriots? That super hero group? Why are they getting involved?" Reaching for the TV remote she turned up the volume.

"The Champion has reached out from Gold City that he plans on deploying more heroes to the cities in dire need in order to help law enforcements keep the peace and to protect the people. The phenomenon is creating panic amongst the people and have started small movements in which they proclaim, 'The End Times Are Near'. While most are harmless, some have resorted to violence in which the Patriots lend their aid."

"That sounds crazy..." Alice chimed in suddenly.


"I wish they would send a hero or two here though. Maybe some handsome men." Swooning as Alice hugged her phone. "Chiseled chest and abs of steel. In tights too!"

"Feh." Rebecca stuck her tongue out. "The Patriots are no better than villains. They use their status to get special treatment from the government. Half the time they aren't even needed and yet they think can parade around cities and cause damage. People love them though and you are the best example."

"Don't be such a downer, Rebecca. People need heroes. If it weren't for them no one would be able to keep the dangerous criminals and villains in check especially the ones that can mess up our own police forces."

"You're such a sheep."


"Look, when was the last time a hero was even stationed here in Green City? There's crime here like any other of the cities and yet not once has one been here to take control. Our police force alone has been the ones to take care of criminals and often they end up wounded or even dead." Rebecca mumbled quietly as she continued to watch TV.

"But... there hasn't been any actual signs of activity of a real dangerous bad guy. Why would they send a hero to a city with little activity?" Alice whispered quietly. She was starting to notice her friend's serious tone on the subject. "You can't really fault them for that."

Rebecca scoffed at the notion but she knew Alice was right. She couldn't blame the Patriots for not deploying someone to a city that isn't a high threat compared to some of the other cities but Rebecca didn't want to hear the excuses because regardless of that fact, there is still crime and some of which are beyond the capabilities of the police force in Green City to handle. Pushing off from the counter Rebecca maneuvered around the store some and just dropped the subject to avoid getting any angrier.

Alice stayed put and continued to play on her phone. It wasn't long before the TV caught her attention as she put down her phone.

"We have breaking news that a man known as Lance Frolman, a prisoner from the Fold Prison Block, has escaped leaving the officers inside confused as to how this was accomplished. There has been no...-" The reporter started as the man's face appeared on the screen before the TV snapped off. Alice blinked as the blank screen broke her attention.

"I really don't want to hear this anymore." Rebecca set the remote down as she sighed and brushed her hair from her face. "Let's just focus on work today and call it a night. It looks like it's going to be slow again so keeping ourselves occupied will be a chore."

The day went on as the two women went about their day. From cleaning the store to organizing boxes and food for customers to purchase, to just standing around and talking about random things. Customers numbered in the few today but it helped pass the time. Before long the day had come and gone with the sun slowly setting as Rebecca and Alice were cleaning up and bringing in signs and merchandise from the outside.

Streetlights were turning on and denizen traffic from Green City slowly died down to the point where there was no one wandering the streets save a few cars here and there. The sun was going down fast and Rebecca and Alice stood but the counter just watching the outside before closing the front doors and putting up the 'Closed' sign. An easy but bored day was all Rebecca could ask for today folding her arms over her chest.

"Closing time!" Alice chanted as she threw off her work apron and tossing it onto the coat rack in the main office where the TV was. "Mr. Galfon didn't even come in at all today!"

"Fine by me... it's not like we can't run the store by ourselves like we normally do." Shrugging, Rebecca began doing the same as she prepped to go home.

A moment of silence as the two walked to the front door and left the building to lock up. A twist of Rebecca's wrist and pocketing the key and the day was finally done. Who would've thought that being an adult was so boring.

"Alright. We did it." Rebecca sarcastically cheered with a small fist bump into the air.

"Yeah! Do you work tomorrow, Becca?"

"Sadly, but I guess it's money. Do you?"

"I sure do. Maybe Mr. Galfon will come in tomorrow so there'll be a bit more conversations going on, you know?"

Rebecca rolled her eyes. "He is hardly a conversated type. All he does is talks about Yellow City and how much better it is here in Green. Too much gloating for me."

"Yellow City sounds like an amazing place though if you think about it. Next to the ocean and has a carnival on the docks. You can't tell me that you wouldn't want to go see that!" Alice was wide eyed with awe as she spoke of it.

"No thanks."

As the two stood outside of the store a sudden screech echoed through the air that seemed to shatter the silence that enveloped the city. The two women just looked in the general direction and waited for a moment but nothing else seemed to follow.

"Probably drunk teens drag racing." Rebecca harrumphed.


Another screech and the revving sound of an engine...

"There they go..."

"Y-yeah..." Alice whispered. "It's been a while since I've heard stuff like this after hours in Green City."

"Like I said, drunks."

"You really think so?"

The sound of the engine grew louder as tires squealed. Before the two women knew it, the sounds of police sirens began to come into hearing distance. This caused the two women to straighten up as they focused their eyes at the street and down a few blocks. A car swerved around the corner, hitting a light post as it finished the turn before straightening out.

"W-w-waugh!" Alice shrieked at the sight.

The car began making its way down the street reaching speeds in no time after completing its turn.

"Fucking crazy ass..." Rebecca started.

Driving like a maniac, the man driving the vehicle tried to make another turn as the lights of police cars began to illuminate the skies and buildings, drawing closer and closer just as fast as the car had appeared. The man was clearly on the run. However, during his escape when taking the new turn, the vehicle hit the curb causing the driving to panic and trying to compensate for the sudden jerking of the steering wheel. The turn he tried to make though was a few meters away from Rebecca and Alice. The car screeched as the wheels jerked to and fro before the car slid onto the sidewalk.

"Aaahhh!!!" Alice screamed as she threw herself against the wall.

"W-wait!" Rebecca cried.

Going too fast for Rebecca to respond, the car collided into her literally wiping her off her feet from her position leaving Alice in shock as she remained pressed against the wall. Rebecca's face filled pain as she managed to fight through it and look at the driver as the woman clung for dear life trying not to get sucked beneath the speeding weapon. It was the man on TV... the criminal, Lance... he was escaping the police. On his face was frustration and utter horror at the young woman stuck on the front of the car. He was to focused on her as he spun the wheel not even realizing the building closing the distance.

"Y-you!" Rebecca cried out as her body was sandwiched between the car and wall, her head ricocheting of the hood before slamming against the concrete.

The vehicle crashed as glass and bricks sprayed like a bomb going off. The force of the collision was so strong the rear of the car bounced when it came to a complete stop. A horn began to pierce through the night sky. Lance, who was collapsed onto the steering wheel's horn, was motionless. It wasn't long before fire ignited beneath the hood due to the engine suffering a brunt of the damage.

Alice stared in sheer terror. "R-r-reb... R-Rebecca..." Alice slid down the wall placing her hands over her mouth... "R-Rebecca!"

Lights from the surrounding buildings began turning on in response to the commotion as shadows filled the windows. Some of whom hung out the windows and even making their way outside.

"Urgh.." Lance groaned as he awoke from his stupor. Noticing the flames growing larger and larger. "S-shit... I need to get out of here." Fumbling with the seat belt, Lance managed to free himself as he forced open the door and hobbled away. His arm was bleeding as well as a small cut from the man’s forehead.


A cry caused the man to turn his attention towards Alice who withdrew in a small gasp unsure of what to make of her best friend being snatched up by a vehicle and then thrust into a building presumably killing and anyone else inside that building.

"You son of a bitch!" Lance hissed as he began to run towards Alice. "G-give me your car keys! Fast!"

"I-I don't have any!"

"Don't fuck with me you bitch!" Lance snarled as he shoved her down and continued to threaten her. The police who were in pursuit of Lance finally came into view from two or three different directions and when they noticed the bloodied man on the sidewalk they began to surround the area. In response Lance grabbed Alice by the arm and held her in front of him.

"No no! Please!" crying out as Alice was suddenly a human shield between him and the police.

"Don't come any closer you fucking dicks!" Lance shouted at the officers who were stepping out of the vehicles and got into position. "I swear I will kill her!"

Police officers had worried looks littering their faces and Alice, who was being used as a shield, took notice. She knew the criminal was desperate and who knows what he would do. Killing her isn't out of the option as Lance's breathing was erratic.

"Don’t make me kill her!" Lance shouted again. Officers had their weapons pointed at both Alice and Lance.

The standoff was set... it was just a matter of time before officers made a move to take the man out... but it was also an uncertainty of what Lance would do if nothing was done to help aid in his escape.

"Listen here, bitch. Y-you came out of this building, right? Open it up right now!"

"I can't!"

"Then give me the damn keys!"

"I-I can't!" Alice pleaded. "M-my friend had the key!"

"FUCKING USELESS BITCH!" Lance roared as his grip tightened around Alice's arm and her shirt.

Throughout the commotion, people from the windows stared in awe and amazement at what was happening. Some pulling out their phones to record the ongoing scene. Others were calling the police and families. The utter chaos was too much too handle from the denizens of Green City and more so for the officers. From the looks of it, they didn't know how to handle a hostage situation as Green City has been known to have a low crime rate, let alone any violent acts.

As the tension continued to rise, the car in which Lance drove suddenly shifted. Before long it slowly began to roll backwards people from the windows cried and pointed and shouted grabbing the attention of many police officers who were nearby.

"Look!" One of the police officers yelled from behind his patrol car. More began to look and before things elevated crowds were more concerned with the vehicle moving than the hostage situation unfolding. The destroyed vehicle rolled and rolled until it was completely out of the building, Rebecca, at the front of the car. Her head was bloodied and her clothes were burnt and torn in multiple places exposing deeply cut skin and bruises. On her face was pain. Anger. Rage. Everyone within the vicinity froze. How was this woman standing?
How was she alive?

"R-Rebecca..." Alice stuttered as she saw her best friend walk out of a burning disaster. Thinking her friend had died.

A final shove and the car was on the street still on fire. Rebecca cracked her neck and shoulders before a sharp turn and a vicious stare was focused onto Lance. The stare was heavy enough to cause Lance to hesitate and his grip loosen making Alice collapse from the fear, the man himself frozen. Was this really happening just now? Here in Green City of all places?

"Get away from my friend." Rebecca said quietly as she twisted her body and walked towards Lance.

"The hell?! I... I hit you with that car! There's no way you should be alive."

"You're right."

Lance wanted to run but the closer the woman got to him, his feet refused to listen. "Don't take another step!"

Rebecca continued.

"I'm warning you!"

Closer and closer...


"I've had enough of this charade." Rebecca stated as she was suddenly upon the man and a twist of her body flung a closed fist swing at Lance. The hit was so strong that the man's facial structure contorted under the impact Rebecca's knuckles. Instantly the man's jaw shattered and his body recoiled under the hit before rolling across the ground and not stopping until it crashed into the side of a cop car denting the door inward.

Everyone's face explained it all. Shock and awe. Everyone stared at the carnage that covered the block between the burning car and Lance's body buried into the cop car. Everyone but Alice... who was staring up at her friend with wide eyes, was completely speechless. This was a miracle. Her best friend survived a horrific car crash...

"Rebecca..." Alice started but hesitated. "Are you..."

"Don't..." Her friend responded closing her eyes. Rebecca knew the word Alice wanted to say and prayed deep down she wouldn’t say…

"Are you a..."
"Please, don't say it..." The one thing Rebecca has wanted to avoid being called or even being associated with and that's...

"A... hero?"

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