Fight the bee!

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Byzantine, the bee with human quality's, and her adopted family get into a fight.

Submitted: April 08, 2017

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Submitted: April 08, 2017



Bee fights


Even though she was very different from the humans that surrounded her, Byzantine rarely had conflict with any of them. Airi, Aaliyah and Destiny (to some degree) treated her like she was a part of their family. As such, a lot of would be conflicts that would naturally arise out of culture differences were usually talked out peacefully. However, the story I’m about to relate is one of the few times an argument between Byzantine and one of the siblings did end in a fight.

Every night, Airi, Aaliyah, Destiny and Byzantine would help clean up the restaurant. Airi would sweep the floor, Aaliyah would clean the tables, Destiny would try not to get in the way and Byzantine cleaned the large number of dishes that were used by the customers. Byzantine had complained numerous times about her dislike of washing the dishes, yet she usually ended up washing them to obtain her payment (Honey) for that day.

One day, after a long day of serving customers, Byzantine refused to wash the dishes that were piled up in the sank. “Do them yourselves!” she shouted. “I’m tired of doing them!”

“It’s your job to wash the dishes,” said Aaliyah.

“I don’t care!”

“Fine, we won’t pay you your honey,” said Airi.

“I still deserve to get payed for the work I did earlier!”

“If you don’t do the rest of your work we don’t have to pay you.”

“What, that’s not fair.”

“Byzantine is right, Aaliyah,” said Airi, “We still have to pay her for the work she did do.”

“Fine, we will give her the small honey jar.”

Airi opened one of the kitchen cabinet and took out a 2oz jar of honey. She then gave it to Byzantine.

“I don’t want this small thing!” shouted Byzantine.

“To bad, it’s your payment for doing half the work.”

“We should really get a 4oz jar of honey as an in-between, between the 2oz and the 6oz,” said Airi.

“Its fine just the way it is, if she wants to do half the work, she will get paid in small amounts.”

“That’s it, I’m going to sting you, Aaliyah”- Said Byzantine, as she pointed her stinger at her. “if you don’t give me the larger jar of honey.”

“Byzantine!” shouted Airi, “I do not allow violence around here.”

“Then give me the larger jar of honey.”

“Not until you do the rest of the dishes!” shouted Aaliyah, from behind Airi.

Byzantine began using her wings to lift her body of the ground. As she did that, she began making a loud buzzing sound.

“Aaliyah, Destiny get out of the kitchen now!” shouted Airi.

Aaliyah and Destiny both ran out of the kitchen as fast as they could.

Once outside of the kitchen, they stuck their ears against the door to listen to the conversation that went on, on the other side:

“Gone ahead and sting me, Byzantine, if you want too.”

“It’s not you I want to sting. it’s your dumb sister, Aaliyah.”

“Sorry Byzantine, however, I cannot allow you to hurt my sister.”

“Why not.”

“Because she’s my sister.”

“What do that have to do with anything?”

Feeling confused, Airi replied, “As the older sister I cannot allow you to hurt her.”

“Is she the queen of this hive? I always thought you were the queen.”

“Well…I am the manager of this restaurant so I am sort of the Queen, however, I’m also responsible for the wellbeing of my workers.”

“That makes no sense, queens aren’t responsible for the wellbeing of their underlings. What hive do you come from?”

“I’m a queen who protects the members of her hive.”

“Whatever, just give me my payment.”

“Sorry Byzantine, you haven’t finished your work. I cannot give you your full payment.”

“Fine, I’ll just sting you and take it.”

After about ten seconds of silent, except for the loud buzzing sound Byzantine made, a violent struggle could be heard. Byzantine’s buzzing went into over drive, causing a sense of horror to arise out of the two younger sisters, listing from the other side of the kitchen door.

“Do you think Airi can win?” Asked Destiny, who tried not to hear the violent buzzing sound by plugging her ears with her fingers.

“I hope so,” replied Aaliyah.

Beyond the door, Aaliyah tried her best to make out what was happening, yet she couldn’t map out what was going on beyond the door. However, she did hear a loud thumping sound when it occurred. She also noticed that Byzantine buzzing stop quickly afterwards.

When the two younger sisters reentered the room, they saw Byzantine lying unconscious or a sleep on the ground. She snored somewhat loudly as she laid there.

“What happened?” asked Aaliyah.

“I slammed her on her head. I didn’t mean to do it so violently!” Shouted Airi.

“You won!” Shouted Destiny joyfully, “I’m so glad.”

“We do over work her.” Said Airi, “We only gave her the duty of cleaning the dishes because none of us wanted too.”

“That true, but she didn’t need to attack us.” Said Aaliyah.

“Maybe that how they us to settle conflict where she came from,” said Airi.

“What are we going to do when she wakes up?”

“I’m going to take her to the store and buy her the 16oz jar of honey as an apology.” She continued, “I’m also going to do the dishes from now on.”

After ten minutes of being laid out on the kitchen floor, Byzantine awoke to the joy and happiness of Airi.

“Your finally awake,” said Airi.

“Why do my head hurt?”

“we got into a fight and I slammed you on your head.”

Byzantine didn’t respond to what Airi said, for she was too busy finding the exact spot on her head that hurt the most.

“Are you ready to go?” Asked Airi.

“Go where?” Asked Byzantine.

“To the store to get the jar of honey we owe to for all your hard work.”

Standing up, Byzantine replied, “I’m ready!”

From the store, Airi bought Byzantine two items: the first one was a 16oz jar of honey and the second was a giant toy wand with one end resembling a cartoonish bee hive.

On their way home, Airi and Byzantine had a serious conversation. Airi lifted Byzantine up and began to speak:

“I’m sorry for hurting you Byzantine, however, I don’t take kindly to people threatening my sisters, ok.”

Byzantine nodded her head in agreement.

After giving Byzantine a small kiss on cheek, Airi added, “Good, because next time I mighty kill your A*s.”

Byzantine rarely got into conflict with any of Airi or her two sisters ever since that last conversation with Airi. She became more submissive and friendly to her adopted family, especially towards Airi. She also volunteered to wash dishes from time to time, mostly to please Airi.

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