What does Liberty mean to you?

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The essay describes what liberty means to me. I feel being a girl in our society has restricted my liberty which I strongly oppose.

Submitted: April 10, 2017

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Submitted: April 08, 2017



What does Liberty mean to you? What is Liberty? Liberty is freedom with restrictions. Is that what liberty means? If that is what liberty means, are we being given liberty in the society? Most of the people would say yes but I would always say a no! People around me call me a 'privileged' child as l live in a city which gives me liberty and a society which respects my liberty. They ask me to compare myself to a villager who does not hold any liberty in his /her life. I do not believe in this concept. I am a child who is being provided with all her needs except liberty. Liberty should have restrictions yet the restrictions should not bind you from not believing in what you actually believe. The constitution of India promises to give us all the liberty to express our thoughts and to take all the decisions about your life. I am always given the liberty to express my thoughts at home and share my feelings with my parents. Family has never restricted my liberty but the society or the people around you play an important role in shaping the restrictions of your liberty. Yes, society plays a major role. It can be your neighbours, your relatives or your friends, they are a part of the society and they tend to restrict one's liberty depending on the social norms. Human beings are social animals and we live in a society with different people and personalities. Judging a person based on gender or behavior is a major restriction to liberty. I believe that each and every person should be given the liberty to express themselves and to retain their personality. I believe that gender is a major restriction to my liberty. It may not be a legal restriction to liberty but is a social restriction of the to liberty. I have a feeling that if I was a boy my dreams would have been accepted in a better way. Female, as a gender has many restrictions. The society pressurizes you to accept the fact that you can never be equal to a male in certain matters. "A girl can never fight back, a girl can never travel alone. It is not safe." That is what I always hear. I have tried to express my passion for travelling to many people but the reply that I received was uniform. "You are a girl, think of something which is practical." This dream of mine did not receive acceptance. I kept saying "I can protect myself" but I was never heard. My parents could not do anything, they were bound by the society and the social norms. I would like to mention that I have heard this phrase "You are not a boy" several times but I would like to mention that every girl in this world has to have liberty to be a boy. To do all that a boy does. There might be laws protecting women's rights but who can change the society and the social norms? I have seen many fathers sending their sons to the Indian army. The same fathers have told their daughters "You are a girl, army is not meant for you." When this thinking in the society changes, I would love to say that I have liberty.

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What does Liberty mean to you?

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