A Dash Of Color

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Adding a touch of color should be simple!

Submitted: April 08, 2017

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Submitted: April 08, 2017



A Dash Of Color


I’m sitting in my kitchen where the walls are painted white,

I’m thinking of adding some color, must be pale, I need the light.


I’m not a pink person and yellow is a definite ‘no’;

maybe I’ll go for lilac – I really do not know.


I could go for the palest green, not more than just a tint

but the sky outside, I look at it and it hits me with a hint.


I’ll paint my walls the palest blue, and when I get hot

it might help to cool me down again – make it so I’m not.


I’ll gather up my pot of paint, a screwdriver to prise off the lid.

My brushes, I can’t find them for it seems they’ve gone and hid.


Finally I find them, carry my step ladder in there too,

then I’ll roll my sleeves right up and start changing things to blue.


This paint is kind of runny, it spatters and it drips,

I’ll have to roll the carpet up and just hope that no one trips.


I’m too short to reach to the top of each and every wall

so I climb up on my ladder hoping that I just don’t fall.


And then I lose my balance, stretch my hand out to steady,

of course I put it on a part that’s seen the paint already.


Now there’s a distinct hand print, and no matter what I do

it’s going to remain sitting there for everyone to view.


What the hell, I’ll hang a picture once the paint is good and dry

it won’t look really out of place, just seem a bit too high.


I pick back up my paintbrush and it sticks right to my palm;

I’d forgotten the tacky blueness but I guess there is no harm.


To the sink I have to go, to wash the handle and my hand --

never mind, I tell myself, when it’s done it will be grand.


But who was I really kidding, at the end I survey the mess,

I’m no interior decorator but that you could have guessed.


It’s been pretty much a waste of time, looking better it is not

and there’s hardly any paint at all left inside the pot.


Now begins the real work of cleaning up the drops and spills

decorating should come with a health warning – beware it confidence kills!

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