the Houses Of Chockto

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An ongoing action packed story about a young boy and his journey to becoming king.

Submitted: April 08, 2017

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Submitted: April 08, 2017



It has to be someone who knows us, and know the inner workings of this Kingdom." The king said, as he walked over to the table.

"Yes, But who could possibly know us that intimately?" The Queen asked. She tended to the Prince cradling him giving him soft motherly kisses on the cheek.

  "The kingdoms computer has put has compiled a list of those who would be capable of almost or either pulling off a kidnapping like that."

  "And how many are on the list?" The king asked.

"Only two my lord." Osige said.

"Well that means that this can be taken care of swiftly." The King said.

"Well my King here is the problem, the only two people smart enough and strong enough to pull off a stunt like that is Heitus,"  King Heitus was the also referred to as the First King, King of the entire planet.  "But He has been dead for thousands of years. But this other person I know you're not going to like this."

  "Who is it Osige?"

  "It is ......... sir."

Right then there was a silence over the room.  ........ was the Kings brother, and even though they both were born of the same parents they were nothing alike. When it came time for there father to choose the next ruler of their house, it was Edylc who was chosen because he was the less disagreeable of the two. This angered ......... and in result he murdered his father and caused a civil war. In the end it was Edylc that had to put a stop to the whole thing.

"Could he have really survived that fall?" The King mentally asked himself.

"Legend says that the Bataba chasm goes all the way to the center of our planet which is believed to be a blue star. There is no way he could have survived that." The Queen  said.

"That's if the legend is a fact and not in fact just a legend." Osige said.

The king he just stood at the bay widow staring out at the city, which had already begun reconstruction.

"We must seek council with Yanun." The king said.

Both Osige and the Queen looked at each other at the same time saying. "Road trip."

The King laughed a little. "No not this time. It will only be the Queen, Prince and I." He walked over to where Osige was sitting. "You will rule in our stead we shall not be gone no more than three Ra.(day)  In our absence the Kingdom is to be put on lock down and all travel outside the kingdom is to be suspended until our return."



Petar was a land not far from Chockto. It was at the time too small for a ruler so it fell under the govern of Chockto, but in this land of mist and fog a brewing a brewing of a great evil.

"Those worthless mercenaries I knew they wouldn't be able to pull it off." He was a tall and slender man, skin dark as chocolate and voice just as deep.

"My lord.?" His assistant Lessa asked. "Should I initiate Sector Six.?"

"How is his development?"

"As you know my lord the first five Sector, we were having problems with the growth hormone but this Sector my Lord is the best out of all the clones. He is strong, smart, and is skills are already impressive, he will past all of their tests no problem."

"What about the soul transfer."

"We anticipate two cycles before he will be ready for the procedure. My lord, we have just been informed that ......... is going on a city wide shut down the King, Queen and Prince are leaving the kingdom."

  "On his way to seek council with Yanun no doubt. This will be the perfect time to initiate  the plan." He turned back to .... "Set me up with a level six recon transmission I want to see everything that happens from here on out."

  They traveled west through  the Celsla pass headed to the Nebis Mountain. The King sat at the Holotable viewing reconstruction maps, the Queen sat on the lounge couch going through a learning exercise with the young prince. Suddenly there was a chime. The image of a Nubian woman appeared in a holographic image.

"Sorry to interrupt your highness but we have a pressing matter."

  "What is it Dalleyu?" Dalleyu was the ships computer.

  "It seems to be A Fedeya refugee transport, about 5km to the  east its under attack."

"Bring it up to view Dalleyu.” The king said.

Just then a three dimension holographic image pops up over the view table. The king and his wife was surprised at what they saw.

"My god is that...."

"My father's ship." The king finished. Dalleyu bring us to heading 522 put us down half a km."  The Royal carriage sat down cloaked and undetected.

"Dalleyu contact the Royal Gard, dispatch our coordinates."

"As you wish my king."

By know the mercenaries had stopped the transport, had most of the refugees out lying down on the ground.

"Everyone just quiet down this will all be over soon."  One of the mercenaries said, as he walked the line making sure no one moved.

  "I wonder how long this shits going to take." One mercenary asked.

  "Just be patient according to our Intel has put us in the right place and besides master says that he won't be able to resist the temptation." The other one replied and he was right the king could not resist requiring his father’s ship, a ship that was stolen by his brother the very same day his father was murdered. He was already there, being able to get on top of the ship without being detected. He located a control panel and after typing in a few commands to the ships computer a hatch slid open. The King was as stealth as they come. The mercenary that sat in the captain’s chair didn’t even noticed the king silently dropping down right behind him.  He was so unaware, keeping his attention on the view screen, reaching for his refreshment,  he became fully aware of the situation. All he could do was scream from the pain, the pain from a knife being stabbed through his hand into the main console of the ship.

"Shut up!" The king said, as he grabbed the mercenary from behind, his neck between the forearm and the bicep of the King."I'm going to ask you one time Where did you acquire this ship?"

The mercenary struggled a little.

"I'll never tell you thief." He struggled a little more.

"Oh! I see, you think I'm some kind of thief huh, well allow me to show you who I am." Just then the king pulled out another knife and stabbed it through the mercenary's other hand but this hanging on the knife was a medallion baring the royal seal, and on the ships wall directly behind the knife a bigger version of that same royal seal.

"Now that we've gotten that straight I ask only one more time where did you get this ship?"

  "My team and I found it, abandoned in the Stellos."

The Stellos was a dense wooded land not too far from the Bataba chasm. That uneasy feeling that his brother may still be alive came back to him. With one twist of his arm the mercenary's neck was snapped and then with little effort he was snatched out of the captain’s chair and thrown to the back of the ship.

Eighty to a hundred meters away from where the ship was cloaked the other two mercenaries still had the twenty plus refugees on the ground. Amongst these refugees, there were two, Pill and her son Sector.

"Mom, I can take these guys."

"Shh Sector, hush up and keep your head down." She whispered to him.

The one mercenary that had been searching the refugee transport approached the one mercenary that kept watch over the refugees.

"Sir I could not locate any of the items that were on the list."

The mercenary looked around.

"There!" He pointed towards Pill. "She is there leader."

He walked over to Pill and snatched her up.

"Get up." He said forcefully.

"Mom!" Sector screamed out, about to get up but he was stopped  when he realized that the mercenary had a T25 Booboo cannon, not two inches away from his face.

"One more move littleing and it's a shit sandwich for you."

The other mercenary had Pill by the back of the neck forcefully directing her to the refugee transport.

There were only a few seconds that went by and then there it was.

"Ahhhhh." A woman’s scream, it was so loud the King could hear it as if she was in the ship with him.  He waved his hand over a panel and an image popped up on the viewer screen, it was the refugee transport he could see the refugees on the ground, the One mercenary holding the little boy at gun point, and the other one forcing her from the rest of the refugees towards the refugee transport.

 Sector couldn't see but he could hear his mother scream, he decided that he just wasn't going to take it anymore. For a brief moment the mercenary's attention was diverted.  Sector, seeing his opportunity and seizing the moment, He rolled in then stood straight up. Mercenary startled, stutters back two steps, Sector left punch then right punch. The mercenary buckles over, Sector meets him with a head butt, the mercenaries head busts open in a blood splatter and he is violently thrown onto his back. Sector, takes deep breath backed up right into the hands of the other mercenary.

"Why you little ingrate." He said, as he grabbed Sector, picked him up then slammed him hard on the ground. The rest of the refugees thought the little boy was dead but were amazed when he stood up, and dusted himself off as if the slam had no effect. The mercenary grew angry, he drew his weapon.

"I don’t know how you survived that attack but you will not survive this one." The mercenary said. He drew the mighty hammer back and attacked. but to no avail. Sector dodged it easily moving so fast it was as if he'd not moved at all.  Sector, now with a firm grip on the mercenary’s hammer, extends his left leg up into a side kick catching the mercenary right under the chin, lifting him up off the ground before dropping to the ground like a sack of potatoes. Sector leaps on top of the mercenary.

"Don't ever touch my mother again."  He punched the Mercenary in the face and kept punching him till soon blood started to spray about. Sector surly would have beaten the man’s face into nothing if it had not been for the king stopping him by catching his hand.

"That is enough little one, he won’t be bothering anyone any time soon."

 The Royal Guard had finally showed up. The refugee transport, was all but operational so a royal bus was provided.

......... walked with the King.

"We have never had an attack on a refugee transport i wonder what they were looking for?"

"I examined the wreckage, also everyone, I didn't find anything unusual, but my gut tells me that they were after that little boy." The King motioned towards the little boy who was now being held by his mother.

"Doesn’t look like much."...... said.

"Don't pass judgement, that little boy took out both those mercenaries."


"I know right, I want you to take the mother to Royal Employment, and the boy enroll him into the Academy Ernge Ops division."

"My King do you really think he is that strong no one has ever started in that division that young."

"He is indeed that strong, but this I do for another reason. I have a hunch and want to see if the next set of events unfold as I foresee them."

  "I will do as you asked." ........ said then bowing and soon after ....... was beamed up to a ship.











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