The CRAZY!!!

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I lost it. Ran after it. Joined in and left again without it.

Submitted: April 08, 2017

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Submitted: April 08, 2017



I see you

I don't see you

I hear you

I don't hear you

I am here 


I'm not.


Crying, screaming, laughing, smiling, scolding little girl, dancing in her

open wounds upon the grave of who she was, once upon a time.


A vacant city of dreams she dwells, asleep while awake, wondering

whereever did the sun and moon go and where did the stars venture to



She screams!, anger beyond measure, breaks the spectrum of her

remaining sanity and reaks havoc against  nothing more than ghosts of

her past.


She crys, dropping to her knees, defeated by a past life and she wishes

upon a star that left her, 

for reassurance, for hope, for peace and arises empty handed.


She laughs. She smiles. She is not as alone as she thinks.

memories, buried deeper than her bones live and dwell here, upon which

she can dig up to gaze upon.


Will she ever have new ones?


She scowls, tiresome of her own thoughtless monuments of grief and internal poverty


In a haste,she knows the answer to her ordeal, she

blindes herself, succumb to what has sickened and binded her by the unknown

and casts what is left of her will to the empty skies above

a new hope

  for an old ghost.  

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