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Memories of my childhood always take me back to a special little book, each page bearing all the joy and innocence of a young girl I will never forget. I let her out to play as much I can, I still need her, for without, I am not me.

Submitted: April 08, 2017

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Submitted: April 08, 2017



Do you remember when every story you wrote began with "Once upon a time" 

and ended with "happily ever after."


Poems began with red roses, blue violets, princesses and queens,

castles and fairies.


Do you remember when the world was your playground, your play dough, to

mold into anything you wanted and everything you thought you desired.


The stregnth you felt each time pen struck paper, brush to canvas. 


Do you remember when the storm clouds of your mind rolled in, and you were scared?


Then one day,

you were not afraid anymore,

you gave the storm it's shade of grey and you made the lightning before it

could strike.


You ripped them open and made the sky rain skittles and sweets, the thunder

as your own voice to command them.


Do you remember that precious rainbow after, that you lifted above your



your relief as the sun began to shine once more into your reality. 

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