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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
(Writing exercise)

Jack meets Margo. Jack marries Margo. Jack divorces Margo.
This is a short story (

Submitted: April 08, 2017

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Submitted: April 08, 2017



With a cigarette balanced precariously between his lips, he took a deep drag and stared across the dingily lit diner. A woman with red curls and soft, brown eyes glanced fleetingly to meet his gaze.

His heart lurched.

She turned away and slightly raised her chin upwards, eyes turning hard. The man in question quickly looked down. What he saw looked just as depressed as he felt. A sad, half-eaten apple pie with a burnt crust sat idly on his plate.

He half-heartedly jabbed at it a few times with his fork.

Like a magnet, his eyes were drawn to the woman once more.

Just come back to me, Margo. Please. I can’t live without you, his eyes pleaded.

Margo shifted uncomfortably in her seat. She seemed engrossed in her partner’s conversation but Jack knew better.

Her face seemed tense and her lips were pursed, although she did a fine job at pretending to be fascinated by her acquaintance’s chatter. The man’s chest was puffed out, and he drawled out a series of stories highlighting his recent heroic endeavours.

Jack sighed deeply.

At first, when he discovered Margo’s string of infidelities he was livid. His mind was consumed with images of her with other men and it drove him crazy. He yelled and threw objects against the wall; he trashed the kitchen and kicked her belongings out the front door.

Margo was terrified.

In the beginning Margo loved Jack with all her heart. She used to think her heart would explode, as she could not possibly contain all the love she felt inside of her. Jack had felt the same too, and as a result the two were married within six months of knowing each other. I suppose some would call it a whirlwind romance, although just like a whirlwind the romance disappeared as fast as it appeared.

Margo at the time was only nineteen. Naïve and caught up in the romance, she agreed to marry Jack against her better judgement. Fours years went by and she felt increasingly dissatisfied with each passing day. Resentment niggled inside her, and once bitten by it, it refuses to go away.

She didn’t understand why she felt this way. Jack was in every respect, exactly the type of man she wanted to marry: attentive, generous, thoughtful and loving.

Her eyes soon started to wonder and when other men paid her attention she couldn’t help but react in kind. What first began as minor flirtations slowly turned into something more. Her string of affairs lasted five months before Jack came home unexpectedly in the middle of the day. He had forgotten the lunch she had made him and didn’t want to waste her efforts.

When he opened the door he froze, his brain not willing to comprehend what he was presented with. Margo’s dress dangling around her waist. Margo ‘s body pressed up against a man’s. Margo’s expression of guilt adorned her lovely face.

That’s when the rage kicked in.

He rested his weathered face in his hands.

Margo and Jack have been divorced for ten years now, but life in a small town means there’s no respite from one another. Jack, now nearing his mid-forties, wished he had never fallen in love with a younger woman. She should’ve lived her life to the fullest before meeting him. He shouldn’t have proposed so early in their relationship. He should’ve been home more. He should’ve checked on her, and should’ve…could’ve….

Jack shook his head vigorously. Stop these thoughts, Jack. They’ll do you no good.

He straightened his tie and reach for his hat. Leaving five dollars on the table, he nodded curtly to Margo and walked out of the diner. He didn’t look back. Not then, nor ever again. 

© Copyright 2020 Z. Ute. All rights reserved.

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